What I am about

So this is my first blog post,  I firstly wanted to provide you good people my mission statement and explain what I am all about.

My main career in life is dentistry. Unfortunately the world of teeth is none too glamorous. I have therefore started a sideline in facial aesthetics. I spend a lot of time talking with my lovely lady clients about beauty and all things rejuvenating. I spend so much time thinking about beauty products, skincare and makeup it just seemed natural that I would blog about it.

I have long suffered with acne and being an oily sort I’m always on the look out for something that will forever transform my shiny spotty boat race. I love reading the exaggerated claims on bottles and boxes. Then I get the stuff home (rubbing my hands with glee) only to find that most often the cleanser/serum/stuff does nothing much.

In my blog I’m going to share with you my opinions and thoughts on products, any old product-makeup, skincare, what have you. Hopefully I’ll save you a few pounds or maybe find something that changes your life. 



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