If you like eyeliner like I like eyeliner- this is for you!!! Long lasting eyeliner by Kiko

I’m going to share with you another gem now. So far I’ve only written about products I like I will talk about things I don’t like (which are many I can assure you). But the first things that come into my mind are of course going to be the wonderful treasures which have taken years of experimentation to uncover.

One such glittering treasure is Kiko’s Intense Colour Long Lasting Eyeliner.

Kiko opened a new shop recently in the city where I live. I was strolling through the arcade when “Zoiks! A new makeup shop”. My pupils dilated. In I trotted. It seemed awfully well priced so I wracked my brain, was there any makeup I was running low on, of course not but I’ll take an eyeliner.

So I did what you do and drew a line on the back of my hand and gave it a smudge with my finger. It wouldn’t budge. Interesting! So I’ve been using this eyeliner on the daily and it the best. It’s smooth and soft to apply, it blends beautifully and it doesn’t smudge or melt like other softer liners I have used before. It comes with a ruberry foam blender on one end but I normally blend in with eyeshadow and a brush. Happy days.

I got a lovely dark brown shade called MatEbony 06, and very pleased I am with it too. I will be buying again as soon as I am running low.


 Before eyeshadow

 After eyeshadow, sweet! And all in under 2 minutes, just how we like it.


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  1. Love your eyelook! I heard so many great things about Kiko, I really want to try their collection. Thanks for sharing!


    1. Thanks for the like! I’m going to have to go back and get more kiko, I was so impressed x


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