What are you getting for Valentine’s Day? 


 This post is in part aimed at my other half. It’s best he isn’t left to his own devices when it comes to things like this. I’m looking for present inspiration and Google isn’t helping. 
I quite fancy a Fitbit or something like that. Cosmetics are never going to be met with disappointment either. An eyeshadow palette from MAC for example is a good bet. Have any of you tried those beauty boxes that you get delivered regularly? Sounds right up my alley.

And for him? I quite  often buy some Tom Ford cologne or something from Reiss. Maybe I’ll get him Nivea Shave Balm so I can steal it for makeup primer.

Ladies and gents give me some gift ideas, please xx


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  1. Hollie says:

    I used my FitBit for about a week. Then the novelty wore off.
    I recently went to Neil’s Yard – the Aromatherapy shop in Morgan’s Archade- for a massage. It was by far the best one I’ve ever had. A Chinese lady called Soo did it. She massaged every single bit of me. Even took my undies down 😳.
    I shall be booking again!! Xx
    Ps. Love the blog Nia! X


    1. Thanks Hollie. That’s what I was thinking a Fitbit might be a flash in the pan. Someone else mentioned Neals Yard, I’ll have to have a look, sounds really lovely xx


  2. My dearest and I tend to go for experiences rather than gifts for V-day, because his birthday is around now so otherwise I’d be flat broke for 2 months straight! So this year we’re going out to the new Japanese place in our town then I’m getting the bedroom set up with rose petals and candles, massage oil etc… probably sounds very boring, but we never usually have time to do stuff like that, and our anniversary always falls at a bad time, so Valentine’s is our time to re-centre our relationship.


    1. That sounds really lovely x

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