Kiko Lip Marker, a genius idea!

My review of Kiko Lip Marker in shade 106 Apple Red

Kiko again? I hear you exclaim. I keep going back, in part because the music they play in there puts my baby to sleep (but also because of the lovely lovely makeup).

A lip marker seems like a brilliant idea. My lipstick usually lasts about 7 minutes. I know it would probably stay put longer if I used lip liner but quite often I don’t have time/energy. If I could just find some sort of felt tip to just colour in my lips then I wouldn’t end up spreading lipstick all over my cups, water bottles, clothes and children. A lip marker is a genius idea.

Or is it? The marker looked exactly like a permanent marker, I don’t know if I like that. The shade I chose was 106-Apple red, it looks a bit more pink than any apple I’m aware of. I had a little trouble getting it on nicely around my lip line. As it dried it turned an odd purple grey colour. Hmm it’s not going well.

It stayed on well, lasting through my morning coffee unscathed. After several hours of wearing it wore off in an uneven fashion.

I don’t know if I would recommend Kiko’s Lip Marker. It was very bold and looked odd when it was wearing off. It got not great reviews online so I’m not alone in my opinion.

The next day I tried wiping it with a baby wipe after drawing the lip marker on and then putting lip balm over the top and that perked it up a bit and made it a lot more wearable.


after first application
after several hours-bit patchy
the next day I tried wiping with a baby wipe then applying balm-much better

Kiko Lip Marker gets a measly 5/10 must try harder


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