Garnier Pure Active Matte Control with Airlicium- High claims!

That’s a bit of a mouthful eh? Garnier Pure Active Matte Control with Airlicium. It promises to keep blemishes controlled, keep my skin matte for 8 hours and it moisturises. Could it also make me a cup of tea and do the laundry? High boasts indeed. And just what is Aircilium, sounds like hocus pocus to me. I still spent £7 on it though, despite my misgivings.

So this morning I’ve done my usual face cleaning and moisturised then popped on this wonder stuff. It’s a runny blue gel that feels quite liquid as it goes on and smells fresh. My skin does look matte after it dried.  

Here’s my freshly done up face, looks matte-y

So I never believe any claims that I will be rendered matte for hours on end, I’m such an oily faced bod, but I’m happy to give it a punt. Also it does contain salicylic acid which we know is good for spots and exfoliating. 

So I’m going to update throughout the day with snaps of my forehead. Check back here for the exciting results of my experiment 

1.30pm its still going strong


4pm and there’s a sheen
So I would say it did work. The photos don’t show it but in different lights I was a bit shiny by the afternoon, but I did go out for a walk. Not a game changer for me but for someone less oily it would be ideal. That’s enough photos of foreheads for one day!




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  1. Dean B says:

    That sounds like a good product! I thought pimples and other blemishes disappeared as you get older? I’m in my 40s now and still have them 🙂 Will give this product a try. 🙂


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