Just for you on Valentine’s Day- a review of MUA matte lipstick x

Happy Valentine’s Day ladies (and men I hope) 

So these lipsticks have lain unloved in my vast collection for some time but today they’ve had a little outing before they go back into the pile. 

I’ve read a lot about MUA (makeup academy FYI) being the best budget makeup range going. It certainly is cheap. Lots of reviewers are in love with their lipsticks. They are only a pound! You can’t say fairer than that. I’ve read that certain shades are a dupe (duplicate?) for MAC. 

I bought 2 lipsticks one matte lipstick in a dark plum and one berry shade that came with a lipgloss on the end of it. The packaging is fine, it’s a white plastic and functions well. There’s a little screw on glass pot of colour at one end, that’s nice, I’ve never seen that before.

The lipgloss is just horrid, let’s leave it at that. The lipstick felt dead greasy going on and gave a waxy scent, I didn’t find the colour very rich either. Not very nice. It didn’t stay on that long, gone after a drink pretty much.

If they are a duplicate of more expensive lipsticks then it would be in colour only. I believe if you pay more, you get more generally. Although there are some gems out there. A case in point- I really like Rimmels lipsticks- full of pigment and lasting (I love Kate Moss matte lipstick in 107 a lovely dark red).

I don’t rate MUA  but then it’s only a pound, wouldn’t hurt to try. You might love it.



the berry shade
the purple shade


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