Tom Ford vs Kate Moss. A battle of the lipsticks. Ding ding!

Here we have two heavyweights of my lipstick world. Tom Ford cherry lush and Kate Moss matte lipstick number 107. The Tom Ford cost £38 and the Kate Moss cost £5.49. Who’s going to win.

The Tom Ford packaging is gorgeous, white, gold and angular. I think they do the packaging in black now which I maybe prefer. The lipstick has a sheen to it and it’s highly pigmented. Such a lovely colour-a cool pinky red. It goes on very silky. I think you might be best off using a brush, for accuracy. Damned if I can find my lipstick brush.

I feel with TF you really have to commit to wearing it. It’s so highly coloured and long lasting. It transfers onto everything. You’ve got to be a diva when it’s on. “No darling I mustn’t kiss you, I would smudge. Can you get me a straw for my champagne”

The Kate Moss is great, goes on like a dream, a lovely dark red matte shade. The packaging is perfectly nice. It smells like a grandma’s lipstick which I quite enjoy. It stays on really well and it’s not such a pain to clean off if you get it on a cup (like the TF). And it’s 14% of the price of the TF.

So the Tom Ford is Elizabeth Taylor and the Kate Moss is ,well, Kate Moss. They are both good in their own way. I think I prefer Kate. 

Feelings ladies? 


2 Comments Add yours

  1. Sabiscuit says:

    Both look great on you. I think Kate would do for a lunch date with friends and Tom Ford would work for an evening out at the theatre. ❤


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