Let’s have a ganders at Revlon Moisture Stain today. 

I’m all over Revlon at the moment aren’t I. Mainly because it’s 3 for 2 in Boots. It would have been £7.99 had I paid for it. 

It goes on like a lipgloss but it’s less sticky. Your not going to get your hair stuck to your mouth when you turn around. It’s moisturising (contain Aloe Vera and vitamin E, don’t you know). I was rather hoping it would stain my lips and therefore last a bit longer, it didn’t really do that.

This shade is called Shanghai Sizzle (how ridiculous). What I did like about it was that you can use it as a blusher too. 

Tip: I did a smile in the mirror and put a couple of 3mm blobs on the fattest part of my cheek then blend with fingertips until the cheeks were nice and pink.

It’s good stuff. Handy for your handbag for brightening things up. Definitely more versatile than lipgloss, which I just find a bit of a sticky pain in the neck. There are many other shades with equally silly names, I might give New York Scene or Parisian Passion a try next. It’d be the closest I’m going to get to either of those things.



2 Comments Add yours

  1. missposhglam says:

    I have several I absolutely love them! And they are forever on sale here in South africa


    1. What’s your favourite shade? X


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