One beauty tool you never knew you needed? The Spoon!


I’ve been googling makeup tips a lot recently, something I kept coming across was spoons! You can use them as a stencil for eye liner and eyeshadow, to stop eyeshadow landing on your cheek and to stop mascara going onto your upper eyelid, apparently.

So this morning I came to the makeup section of my bedroom armed with a selection of cutlery. First was liquid liner. I used the flat of the handle for the underside of the flick, and the curved part for the top.

The liner bled a bit under the metal. I suppose the spoon helps guide an unsteady hand. You have to be particular with the angle, I didn’t get mine symmetrical at all.

I think this spoon business is internet gobbledygook personally.  I just found it annoying having to hold something else. 

One thing I did figure out while rooting in the kitchen drawer- you could use a cocktail stick or a coffee stirrer for getting powder out of little jars of pigment/eyeshadow eg. Barry M or MAC. MAC actually sell a specific spatula just for this purpose, it’s £16!



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