Beauty Hack Experiment- a lighter and some sellotape. Literally a smoky eye.

Today I am doing another experiment. When you google makeup cheats, certain suggestions come up time and time again. Turning eyeliner into a gel with a lighter being one of them. Sounds messy, so I thought I would also use another hack I have read about- using sellotape as a stencil for eyeliner.

I found a lighter and chose some scotch magic tape (it’s not as sticky as normal sellotape, I didn’t want to remove any skin!) and I got to work.

I stuck the tape next to my eye as a guide for the liner. I held a brown eyeliner (happened to be an old Maybelline Kajal) pencil in the lighter flame for just a few seconds, careful, you don’t want to start a small fire. 

The liner became somewhat more fluid and made a giant mess going on, as you can see. So I blended in some metallic brown shadow to smooth things out (I used MAC loose pigment in Museum Bronze) I took the tape off and it left an odd looking sharp line. Then blend, blend and again blend with a soft brush, finally I  applied  copious concealer under eye to sort out all the smudginess. What a mess!

It looked fine in the end after tarting things up.

I would say the lighter did intensify the liner and when blended with a deep brown shadow looked lovely. But Sweet Lord it was messy. I shan’t be doing that again in a hurry.


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  1. Claire says:

    he he! A lighter and sellotape! Two things I never thought i’d see in a beauty bag!!


    1. I’m not sure they belong there myself! X


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