Anyone Else Bloglovin’?

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My Bloglovin’!


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  1. I *was* on Bloglovin’ but I found a way to delete it after my review of their Activate service a few days ago (I was trying to just delete my Activate membership and had to delete the whole Bloglovin’ account) otherwise I’d follow you!


    1. I had a read. You’ve put me off it a bit. It seemed like a nice idea to have all the blogs collected together for easy reading. Thanks for letting me/us know x

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      1. No problem (and sorry, I didn’t mean to put anyone off the blog reader side of Bloglovin’ I just personally dislike it). Bloglovin’ is good if you don’t have anything like it but I think Feedly’s better for reading other people’s blogs (although it doesn’t give you a follower count the same way, it does let you make lists etc. It’s disadvantage is it takes a little while to get set up because you have to know the URL rather than the blog title) but Activate by Bloglovin’ is shocking (after my experience, I’m considering Brandbacker for paid posts instead – they look really good).

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