My Makeup in Pictures, Today is a Purple Eye.

Today I’m going to go through the stages of my makeup application. To demonstrate how one can go from looking God-awful to a passable human being.


no makeup at all!! quelle horreur!

This first photo is just after washing my face and moisturising (Kiehls Ultra Facial Cleanser and Kiko Skin Trainer)


foundation and blush are on.

Then we have base, a combination of two foundations- Clinique Beyond Perfecting and Revlon Photoready (at the high points of my face because it is more luminescent) and blush (YSL babydoll kiss and blush). I just put a bit of the kiss and blush on my lips, it’s an eye day today.
Brows done.
Brows with Kiko automatic eyebrow pencil and a bit of fixing spray.


highlighter and concealer-starting to look more human!

Concealed my under eye using Urban Decay eyeshadow potion (it has a yellow tone to cover any blue/ dark circling) and highlight with MAC Soft and Gentle.


eyeliner on

Then we have a purple eyeliner by MAC under, within and over the upper lashes. I just put it on messily because I’m going to blend it next.


Purple eyeshadow

Then I apply and iridescent purple eyeshadow by Urban Decay over the whole upper eyelid and blend under lower lashes. And a gold shadow under the brow and inner corner of the eye. Then last not least a bucket of mascara (today I’ll have the Bourjois Volumising)
Final Result

There! Ready for the day, thank god for makeup eh? 



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