“Eye”am knackered! How to fake 8 hours sleep.

I’m getting very little sleep at the moment. If an army soldier with SAS training spent a week in my shoes they would crumble and cry like a baby. Taking sleep from a human has lots of disastrous consequences, not least to the eye area. Every morning I look in the mirror and Gollum is there looking back.

I might accidentally put the post in the toaster or leave my keys in the front door but I don’t want to look like death itself, here’s a plan of attack-


my blank canvas- ew!

This morning after about 3 hours sleep I decided todays post would be all about how one can disguise themselves as a well rested person. It’s all in the eyes. I’ve read a lot about tricks you can use- haemorrhoid cream, cold spoons, cucumber slices, avoid alcohol, caffeine and salt (No thanks), but this is what I do.

After cleansing I apply moisturiser and really massage into the eye area, pushing up towards the nose

massage using inwards and upwards stokes

Today I used Charlotte Tilbury Wonderglow on top of my foundation to brighten things up. Then Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion as a base for my upper lids and as a under eye concealer. Extending the concealer further down and across gives a better result

Blend! I found it best to use my finger. Then I used a highlighter (MAC soft and gentle) along the cheek and up to the brow.

Highlight highlight highlight!

Next the eye, my goal today is to make my eyes look giant (like an awake person) so no dark colour next to my eye today. I used Benefit It Crayon(it’s like a concealer pencil)

within my lower water line and liquid liner above my upper lashes

liquid liner and a light pencil on the waterline

I applied a light coloured, reflective eyeshadow and heaped on the Mascara onto all the lashes I could find. Blusher will make a huge difference too so get plenty of that on there.


mascara and blusher will really help a girl

And of course do your brows, that goes without saying. Then job’s done. Just putting on a bit of slap can lift the spirits at the end of a long night, I really went to town with it today and I feel a lot more human for it. Xx



9 Comments Add yours

  1. Simply JCM says:

    Love this post! You look gorgeous xx


    1. Thanks JCM, and thanks to makeup! X


  2. Brilliant tips here – I always forget about blusher then I wonder why I look washed out!


    1. Thanks Delight! I’ve got to have blusher, so gray without it xx


  3. Bec W says:

    Oh so necessary! Thanks a million from sleep-deprived mothers everywhere xxx


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