Choose your shade of eyeshadow wisely 

I have dark brown eyes. In times gone by I have wondered why whatever eyeshadow colour I wear it always looks the same. I put on a lovely Aubergine Bobbi Brown eyeshadow this morning to demonstrate.

 It’s a dark matte purple colour but on me it looks like nothing in particular-

 I think it’s because my eyes are a neutral colour. Most people don’t have neutral coloured eyes, there is usually a hint of green or blue. Have a good look at your irises, are they hazel, blue, gray, green, olive or brown. They may well have a hint of something else in there too. Are they a dark or light shade? You can use this to dramatic result.

By applying a colour that’s opposite to yours on the colour wheel, close to the iris, you can bring out tones in your eyes.

To make eyes look lighter you apply a lot of dark makeup close to my eye to make them look lighter. You look like a sexy goth too. Here are colours I would choose for different eye hues-

  • Brown- as it is neutral, anything goes, but I like purple, plum, gold, brown and black. Warm colours I suppose.
  • Gray- try cool gray tones-silver, charcoal, black. You can also bring out the blue or green in your eyes, thus-
  • Green- choose colours with a red tone- purple, plum, brown, copper, bronze, peach. (Not red though, that might look odd).
  • Blue- blue eyes pop when they are next to an orange colour- apricot, brown, tan, terracotta, copper. Navy eyeliner suits better than black
  • Violet eyes-pair these with a yellow hue- gold, green, brown
  • Amber eyes- look beautiful with purple and plum and black liner.

I love mucking about with eyeshadow but because I have these dark neutral eyes no particular colour makes an impact. Have a look at your eyes, if you’ve got any blue or green or amber in there, play around with shadow and liner and see what happens. Take the colour as close to your eye as possible for maximum wow.

I would absolutely love it if people sent me pictures of their eye makeup, please do xx


4 Comments Add yours

  1. I have neutral eyes too! Its usually a dramatic eyelash that brings out my eyes


  2. Yeah loads of mascara, it’s got to be done x


  3. Great tips, I have blue eyes and I really like tan and copper eyeshadows. I also think lilac / purple works quite well.


  4. Your quite right, I left purple off my blue list because it doesn’t have orange in it, but I totally agree.


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