It’s Bonus Time- Thanks Clinique, you got me again.

You’ve got to love a bonus bag. Lovely small things you can’t say no to. I’ve got about 20 Clinique bags stuck under my chest of drawers.

In the February 2016 bag we have

Basically nothing I need, they had me again. 

Here’s what’s I think of the samples-

I’ve had the RepairWear creams before, I find them a bit rich for greasy old me, but they are designed for dry/combination dry skin. Clinique makes bold claims for these anti wrinkle creams-       ” Lines and wrinkles seem to evaporate, replaced by plump, vibrant skin alive with collagen and elastin” Blam! That’s got to be worth the (gulp) £42 a full size one would cost. Maybe it does work, like I say it’s too rich for me to give it a good go. There is another issue, a reliable source informed me that the “powerful antioxidants” in these creams would degrade when exposed to air and light. Tubs are not the best sort of container. In addition, when you stick your fingers in the things you’ve poking in bacteria. Now that’s Manky!

The Take the Day Off eye makeup remover is good stuff. A two part formula that you have to shake to emulsify. It does what it sets out to do.

The liner is one of those automatic twisting pencils. It’s quite a hard consistency to apply and not as intense a black as it makes out. I’m hoping the consistency  means  that it is long wearing.  

The top line is one i tried to smudge off with my finger
Not bad, I don’t think it’s going to replace my beloved Kiko though 

You could choose between a brown or purple eyeshadow quad. I went for purple. One of the 4 shadows is an appealing regal shade of matte purple so I opted for that. There is also a light pink, lilac (hohum) and a rather nice gray. Here’s how it looked on- 

  It all came in a yellow bag with Spring flowers on it. Very nice, but like I say, I’ve got pretty makeup bags coming out of my ears.

To get this bag you have to buy 2 Clinique products, one being skincare or foundation. That was the clincher really. I’m running low on my Clinique Beyond Perfect which is my present fave. I also got Takethe Day Off makeup remover balm. I’ll tell you about that tomorrow 

Ciao for now x


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