Under Eye Bags begone-the quick fix I’ve always looked for?

 quick fix for under eye bags I’ve had some whopping under eye bags recently, I’m sure I never used to. Maybe I’m not drinking enough water and I’m getting to much caffeine. Lack of sleep definitely. When I get up my lower lids are puffy anyway. So I tried a quick fix. Everyone must have heard at some point that Hollywood actors and models use haemorrhoid cream to get rid of these bags. Veery Interesting.  

quick fix for under eye bags  It’s not just any haemorrhoid cream, it has to be Prepation H. So on waking with ball bags for eyes I rubbed some in. I almost don’t want to show you the photos- I look horrible. 

quick fix for under eye bags
quick fix for under eye bags
The results were ostensible. Hold your horses! Read on before you run to the shops. 
After a couple of days of putting haemorrhoid cream (as I’m writing this it sounds like an idiotic thing to do) under my eyes, my eyes started to weep and I got some red spots. The experiment was taking a turn for the worse.

I did a bit of research, Prep H contains Shark Liver Oil. Poor sharks! And a yeast extract. They may be good for the skin but my eye area wasn’t too pleased. 

Also there was an active ingredient missing. Hollywood actors might be using the stuff to get rid of eye bags because Americans
have American Prepation H. UK Preparation H is missing Phenylephrine. This is the stuff that depuffs your eyes.There is no mention on my tube about reducing swelling.                    DON’T USE BRITISH PREPATION H ON YOUR EYES. It’ll irritate them. So why did it appear to work?

I tried the same experiment with eye cream  

I used Clinique Laser Focus RepairWear eye cream and massaged it in firmly, it did the same as the Prep H 

quick fix for under eye bags
quick fix for under eye bags
See it works the same. So folks, learn from my foolish mistake, use eye cream on your eyes, not bum cream, for the love of God. 
If you’re after a quick fix for under eye bags a firm massage with some moisturiser does as good a job x


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  1. Claire says:

    oh my god! This made me laugh out loud! Thanks for the advice and duly noted!!

    Liked by 1 person

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