MUA £1 Satin Lipstick-Bargain or Bogging?

Review of MUA Satin Lipstick

Yesterday we had a look at Something ludicrously overpriced. So today I thought we’d head back down to earth. I have already reviewed MUA Matte Lipstick but I kept coming across people praising MUAs satin lipstick. Maybe I was too rash. Maybe something extremely cheap could still be good. It’s worth a try for a pound.Review-MUA-satin-lipstick-mulberry-swatch

MUA is on sale in Superdrug only (in Britain at least) before you start hunting in Boots. The colour selection is pretty small, I think 6 shades. I chose Mulberry. I really like this colour. It’s a blue toned pinky purple.

Swatch- The stripe on the right is after smudging with finger

The stripe on the right is where I smudged the colour with my finger, you can see it’s quite easily smudgeable. It’s sheer and shiny. The packaging is nice for the price and it comes with the little pot that screws into the base, for use with a lip brush.

It looks very pleasant. It has little staying power though. If you wanted to stay Mulberry-nice all day you would have to take the lipstick with you and a mirror compact. And if you kiss your children with it on they look like they’ve been assaulted. Less than ideal. Take wet wipes too.


I really wish it had stayed on better, I really do love the colour. For a pound I suppose one mustn’t grumble, you could buy the whole range of MUA Satin Lipsticks for less than £10. Bargainous! 5/10


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  1. The like button has disappeared! But I liked the post. I bought a MUA eyeshadow once and thought the colour looked great in the packet, but seriously lacked vibrancy on my face.


    1. That’s the thing. I think £1 is too much even for something pointless your not going to use. X

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