Two Awesome New Beauty Tools that You Never Knew You Needed!

A Review of eBay purchase-Oval Brush and BrushEgg

Or maybe you did know about these new beauty tools, I on the other hand was unaware of their necessity. I quite like ordering random things off eBay, it’s so pleasing when something arrives when you forgot you even asked for it. “Why, a present for me? I shouldn’t have”.

new beauty tools This time I spent a princely sum of £2.85. And received a Silicone Makeup Brush Cleaner, called a Brush Egg and an angled (toothbrush stylee) makeup brush. No one told me you should have a tool for cleaning brushes.

I tried it out immediately. You slip the egg over two fingers and use the corrugated side to clean. I used baby shampoo and some Geranium Essential Oil. The silicone egg helps to gently lift out the makeup from the roots of the brush hairs. I got my brushes clean  mucho rapido with BrushEgg’s help.

As everyone knows, you’re meant to clean your brushes every fortnight. If you’re going to be diligent about this, and you should- lest you get face lurgy, then this tool is invaluable.

new beauty tools My other item was this unusual looking brush (this is the the thing I got most excited over). It’s the same shape as a toothbrush but the head is made up of densely packed and oh so soft synthetic bristles. The handle is a bit bendy, over enthusiastic application might result in fracture. Here’s what is good about this brush-

  • Synthetic bristles are great for applying liquid makeup like foundation (because they don’t absorb liquid). This brush would be fine for powders and blending too.
  • The dense fibres buffed my foundation in flawlessly.
  • The shape of the head meant I could get foundation into all the angles of my face.
  • The angle of the head made it possible to be really precise.

MAC does a version of the brush and they charge £34.50, there’s a link if you feel more comfortable with MAC than eBay. You might not be a chancer like me. With eBay there is no guarantee of quality. My brush could fall apart any minute.

I am extremely pleased with my eBay find, I’m convinced the Oval Toothbrush Brush is going to be the next big thing in makeup application, I recommend it.   10/10!

Let me know if you have tried one of these new beauty tools , what did you think? X

new beauty tools


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  1. I just got a brush egg and now I have to get the brush also 😜 I’ve been eyeing for a while!


  2. Anita says:

    I just got a really cheap oval brush from amazon and I love it too! Although mine does have the MAC logo printed on the handle? Not quite convinced it’s actually mac for the £1.98 price I paid though x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Yeah that sounds like a fake, I love my oval brush, so soft. Thanks for the comment! X

      Liked by 1 person

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