Go on, you “Glow” you want to!

How I fake a glowing complexion with makeup 

Here’s JLo, glowing her head off!

The weather has picked up a bit and the tiny sliver of sunshine has given me a Springtime feeling. I’m putting my dark red lipstick down and picking up the glitter.

Well not exactly glitter but I’m fancying looking a bit more dewy today. Does anyone remember in the early 2000s when glow was IN in a big way. E.g. JLo. I think it’s coming back. I’m shiny enough without makeup but mainly on my forehead and nose, where it’s not wanted. You want to shine on top of your cheekbones, under the eyes and on the browbone.

What I do to get Glowing

Today I used MAC Studiosculpt foundation. It’s full coverage but has a satin finish. I’ve been wearing L’Oreal Infallible Mattifying foundation for a couple of weeks and it’s so mattifying, it’s good to have a change. The Studiosculpt gives a lovely finish, covers any discolourations and gives a natural finish. 

Just the StudioSculpt foundation

I tend to apply highlight after the rest of my makeup. I use two formulations if I’m really going for it. 

Glowing-complexion-makeupToday I used Glow by Topshop and MAC Soft and Gentle. I dot for cream under my eye, over my cheekbone and up to my brow bone.  I blend with my finger so I don’t lose any product. Then dust the powder over. 

I should really apply a bucket of bronzer for JLo realness, but I don’t have any bronzer! I better fix that!

Highlighters, I find are much of a muchness. I have expensive ones and very cheap ones and their not so different in terms of intensity and staying power, I’m quite happy with my £3 MUA powder.  Benefit Moonbeam or Highbeam are lovely (apparently Technic does a budget dupe).

A glowy face couldn’t be easier really and it’s lovely for the summer.   

Me, glowing my head off



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  1. aletheatrnt says:

    Beautiful glow!😍 💕

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Yes you do look rather glowy, it’s lovely and Spring-y! I always loved High Beam the best, but this week I’ve just discovered the Collection (used to be Collection 2000, I can never quite not say the “2000”) highlighter stick – for my skintone (medium) it’s definitely more warming than the High Beam, which is perfect for my nose, but oddly has always washed me out under the eyes.


    1. I know where did the 2000 go? Sometimes white under the eyes looks a bit wrong. The pictures of my makeup didn’t quite do my glow justice, I was ridiculously highlighted, I must have looked bonkers x

      Liked by 1 person

  3. I love this look! I recently bought the topshop glow but haven’t quite mastered it yet. I’ve been wanting to try out the mac foundation too so will have to buy that soon. Thanks for linking up at #shareitsunday week #2 is now live for your posts x


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