Bold MAC Silver Eye Makeup 

How to do a smoky eye using MAC eyeshadow in Smut and Silver Ring.

When I cleaned out my makeup collection recently I found a couple of MAC single eyeshadows, they were small so they got buried under palettes. I’ve been thinking about them since I unearthed them. Today for no reason at all I decided to put on a heap of eye makeup to try them out again.

MAC Singles- Smut and Silver Ring
Smut is black with iridescent purple flecks and Silver Ring is a gray silver. Here’s how they appear on the skin-

Smut and Silver Ring Swatches

To start with the usual cleanse, moisturise, prime and foundation. I should really have done my eyes first so if any of the shadow drops it won’t ruin your base. But I forgot.

Ace of Base
I used Urban Decay Eyeshadow Potion primer on my lids and under eye area as a concealer. I set this with some loose powder. Now we’re ready to begin.

products I used- eyeshadow potion, brow pencil, brow nascara and liquid liner
  • Brows- I used a pencil (Kiko) to define and a gel to set the hairs in place (L’Oreal Brow Plumper)
  • Liner- I really went for it with the black today, I did the works- liquid liner (L’Oreal SuperLiner), tightlining ( where you work the liner in between your lashes) and eyeliner pencil on the waterline (I used Bourjois Clubbing liner for this)
    liquid liner and brows
  •  Eyeshadow-I made a crescent from the outer corner of my eye going into the crease using Smut and applied Silver Ring to the outer two thirds of my lid. I took Silver Ring along my lower lash line. Then I blended. I used a lighter shade of silver (Silver Fog also by MAC) on the inner third of my lid. Then highlighter under the brow and the inner corner of the eye.
    The Crescent of Smut (!)
    Silver Ring and Silver Fog applied across the lid

I used these brushes for application and blending-

Brushes I used – M&S foundation brush for loose setting powder and highlighter and MAC eyeshadow brushes for application and blending shadow

After all that I went over my eyeliner again- the shadow powder can sit on top of it and takes the intensity out of its blackness.

smoky-eye-makeup-using-smut-silver-ring-mac  smoky-eye-makeup-using-smut-silver-ring-mac

I finished of with blusher, highlight across cheeks and under the eyes. Blush and bronzer (so easy now I have my Urban Decay Flushed Palette) There was really no purpose to all this eye makeup on a Sunday morning, other than my own pleasure at seeing it in the mirror. And that’s enough of a reason for me. I’m not sure if gray or silver really suit me, but I can’t let that pretty little eyeshadow go to waste can I.

Has anyone else tried Smut or Silver Ring? Tell me all



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