Repurchase? Me? Never

A list of my favourite products that I have been tempted into repurchasing for their awesomeness.

I very seldom buy any product twice. Trying out new stuff is too too tempting. Something would have to spectacular to trump that craving for novelty. 

  1. Lipstick– hell to the no, I’ve never bought the same lipstick twice. I don’t wear it often enough, for one. But my favourite lipstick of all time is Cosmic Raspberry by Bobbi Brown. It’s a blue toned fuchsia, pink but not bubblegum pink. More sophisticated. It’s flattering, the colour is rich. The finish is satin. It lasts. It is a thing of beauty to behold. die-hard-favourite-products-I-repurchase 
  2. Blush– I love a stain. So I have re-bought benetint several times. I love that it sticks around all day. I have a problem with makeup vanishing after a couple of hours. I think it’s my skin type (oily with a capital OIL)
  3. Mascara– I’ve got 2 bests- Bourjois Clubbing and They’re Real by Benefit. They are neck and neck in terms of longevity. Clubbing gives more volume. They’re Real is better for its ability to catch all the lashes, its clever brush is good like that. die-hard-favourite-products-I-repurchase 
  4. Eyeshadow– I’m a sucker for a palette. I’ve got lots of MAC ones, lovely as they are, the shade choices can be a bit bewildering. Urban Decay Naked I will re buy, I’d be lost without it.
  5. Foundation– I look for medium to heavy coverage, oil free formulations. Beyond Perfecting by Clinique and Long Wear by Bobbi Brown are my fave’s.  die-hard-favourite-products-I-repurchase 
  6. Eyeliner pencil– I keep banging on about Kiko Intense Colour Long Lasting Eyeliner in 06. (My review Here). Hands down best.
  7. Nail varnish– Models Own in Mushroom. Great colour (gray), goes with any outfit, looks stylish, dries quick & lasts as long as varnish ever does. die-hard-favourite-products-I-repurchase  
  8. Hair Products– I’m in love with Aveda Be Curly for my thick wavy frizzy bouff. The only thing I’ve found that helps.
  9. Moisturiser– Dramatically Different moisturiser by Clinique. This gives my skin a glow, it feels like it’s doing me good.
  10. Toothpaste– if you take home one piece of information from reading this it should be- use Oral B Pro Expert. I wouldn’t touch anything else. (I’m a dentist) die-hard-favourite-products-I-repurchase 
  11. Perfume– Tobacco Vanille by Tom Ford. It’s fricking lush and sticks around for hours and hours.  die-hard-favourite-products-I-repurchase 

I have never found a highlighter, a concealer, a powder blush or a primer that I love above all others. The search continues.  

Me wearing my beloved Cosmic Raspberry
I’d love to hear about your absolute favourite products you re buy again and again, please comment xx


    5 Comments Add yours

    1. Cookies and Contour says:

      Completely agree on the lipstick thing, so many out there to try ! I seem to continually re purchase the YSL primer even though there are some amazing high street ones ! Great post ! Xx


    2. Some of my favourites in there. I love my naked smokey palette. I love that lipstick, really suits you!


      1. It’s a good one. Putting it on makes me happy. Thanks for the comment x


    3. Bec says:

      Love the colour Ni and I now feel compelled to sniff you so I can suss out the Tom Ford! I love Hope in a Jar moisturisers (day and night) from Philosophy and don’t use any others now. My maybelline dream blush is a fave and I have actually bought a lipstick twice – No 7 in a shade called Chic. Keep these lovely blog posts coming!xxx


      1. I’ll definitely have a look at Chic. I’ve never tried hope in a jar, it sounds promising xx


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