Sleek True Colour Lipstick Review

Review of Sleek True Colour Lipstick, Shade Mulberry in Satin Finish and Shade Exxxagerate in Matte Finish. Also Sleek Lip Pencil in Blackberry 


sleek-lipstick-satin-matte-pencil-mulberry-exxxagerate-blackberry  sleek-lipstick-satin-matte-pencil-mulberry-exxxagerate-blackberry 
I’ve been in the market for purple lipstick and whilst investigating I discovered that Sleek has a reputation for doing decent lipstick. Perusing Superdrug, where Sleek is stocked in the UK, I came across a shade that looked interesting-Mulberry. It’s a very deep plum shade verging on black. I also was diverted by Exxxagerate. It’s a Matte purple. So I just had to buy a coordinating lip pencil for completion. The lipsticks were ¬£4.99 and the pencil ¬£2.99, so pretty good price wise.

I really like the packaging. They come in a little box and the casing is oval shaped and matte black. Very sleek.


L-Mulberry R- Exxxagerate
Sleek TrueColour Matte Lipstick in Exxxagerate 

I like this one. It’s not fully matte in my opinion, that’s ok. It’s a pleasant blue toned purple colour. It feels light and moisturising. It’s lasting too. It’s a bit like MUA mulberry satin lipstick in colour, but far superior in texture and feel and a lot more pigmented. One swipe is all that’s needed for dense colour.

Exxxagerate with no lip pencil
Exxxagerate with pencil

I gave my baby a kiss on the head to see how much of it transferred off. Not much, fair play. It was still present after 3 hours, 2 pieces of toast and a cup of coffee (present on my lips, not the baby’s head) 

my baby’s kissed forehead

Sleek Lip Pencil in Blackberry 

I’m similarly pleased with this purchase. I’m not one for lip liner and I should use it, it keeps lipstick going much longer. This is a lovely soft pencil in a dark purple colour. It’s going to be useful for changing up shades of lipstick and creating ombr√© (that’ll be an experiment for another day).
Sleek Satin Lipstick in Mulberry 

Mulberry when applied liberally

Mulberry I’m not so sure of. It’s a dark plum which looks almost black. If you apply it liberally it looks totally goth. Which is good for those who like that sort of thing. I don’t think I’m brave enough to wear this on the school run. It has a sheen to it and feels nice but it transfers like mad. It’s all over the place. 

This lipstick is full of pigment so you don’t have to layer it on and look like  

sleek-lipstick-satin-matte-pencil-mulberry-exxxagerate-blackberry you could just apply some with your fingertip and have a more subtle deep berry stain.


I really like Exxxagerate, I like the colour, it’s matte but it’s not drying and it lasts well. The pencil is great too.

Mulberry, I’m not so sure about. I think if it were matte as well it would have more staying power. It’s bold, I’ll give it that.

I would recommend Sleek Lipstick. They are well pigmented and moisturising for the price. I would stick to the matte shades and you have yourself a proper bargain 7/10


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