Mistakes I keep making when I’m putting my makeup on 🙁

A list of makeup mistakes I repeatedly make and how I should avoid them.

Every day after I’ve finished trowelling it on, I look at myself and think “you’ve done it again”. I don’t think I look good, I can only see the mistakes I’ve made.  I feel like I keep fouling it up in the same way. 

  1. Doing my eyes last. This means that I ruin my carefully placed foundation and concealer when I’m moving my eye skin about trying to get my liner on. Mascara and shadow drops onto my under eye. It never looks right when I try and fix it. I should do my eyes FIRST.
  2. Stretching the skin next to my eye when applying liquid liner.
    So when I let go the liner isn’t where it’s meant to be. My carefully drawn wing winds up being too short and most likely asymmetrical too. I have to stretch the skin though otherwise I can’t get in there. I think I’ve found a way though, if I pull the skin from the hairline rather than right by my eye the liner isn’t as distorted   
    Stretch the skin from the hairline when applying liquid eyeliner
  3. Using Powder incorrectly. I think I know when I should use powder but I keep forgetting. You should use powder after primer and before foundation. You should put some onto your eye primer too for better glide. You’re meant to use it to set liquid makeup.
    Since my skin is so oily powder is my friend but it’s a friend I’m not in touch with unfortunately.  
  4. Not using lip liner. This would make a big difference to the life span of my lipstick. Liner creates an outline to stop any bleeding, it’s a base layer and it intensifies the colour of lipstick. I need to get on it 
    No Lip Liner
    With Lip Liner
  5. Trying to bake my face. If you haven’t heard of this technique here’s a Link with good explanation. You basically put loads of powder on over under eye concealer leave it for a bit then dust off the excess. I keep having a go at it, it makes me look awful.
    I do need a bit of powder, for sure but under my eyes just isn’t the place. Maybe it does look good in photos but in real life just makes me look cakey and wrinkly.  
    me after “baking”

    After this photo my husband said I look like I have dust all over my face. Does Kim Kardashian have a dusty face?

  6. Not spending enough time. Did you know you should let your foundation and concealer sit on your face for up to 20 minutes before you blend? I did but I keep forgetting.
    You should apply foundation and concealer roughly where you want it to go, then leave it settle and melt in. You get a much smoother result with more coverage. Drag queens do it, it must be good.
  7. Not coming to the table with a plan. No I don’t need a plan, I’ll just throw all my makeup at my face and look like a crazy fool, that’s fine.
    I see bloggers talking about different looks- a light spring  face, a smoky eye. I don’t have enough restraint. I do full lips and eyes. I’ve got blusher, bronzer, highlighter and concealer all on, it’s blended into a horrible peach coloured paste.
    I need to step back and conceive an idea before launching at my poor head. 
    What was Eva’s makeup strategy?
  8. I forget my eye primer sometimes I also
  9. Forget my face primer
  10. I will NOT throw away old makeup. It’s my precious.
  11. I don’t wash my makeup brushes often enough. Naughty! *slaps hand*
  12. I don’t use an eyelash curler! I know, shock, horror, call the cops!

As I’ve got older I feel like I “get” myself more and more. I know what my skin is like. I think I know what I should and shouldn’t do. If only I could remember it all when I go to put my face on in the morning.

What do you think of my foolishness? Are you also a makeup idiot? I’d love to hear about it, please comment below xx

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    10 Comments Add yours

    1. kaiesha stewart says:

      I am the same, I keep telling myself I need a lip liner but never pick one up!! & I used to always stretch my eye with eyeliner (still do sometimes) and yeah it just completely changes it


    2. Claire says:

      Lips look lovely Nia! What do you do with the shade of liner? Try to find the same make/colour as the lipstick? Or do you go slightly darker? Don’t want to look like someone from the 90’s! Xx ps love the blog


      1. Thanks Claire! You can go with a nude colour then you’re safe for sure. Doesn’t matter what make. I used Sleek Eau La La, it’s nice. I used a dark liner and blended with a lip brush. I think if you try and find one that matches your natural lip colour all will be well xx


    3. Rambles, Rants, Writings says:

      This is a great post! It was my birthday last week and I took my husband on a hunt for makeup as my present. I knew I needed a foundation that suited my skin tone and recently my Mum had commented that I looked a little yellow with my makeup on so I have been paranoid for the last month or so. I must admit, I’ve started using lip liner and liquid eyeliner now and I love it. I just always feel that the foundation doesn’t go on my face properly! It infuriates me!!! 🙂 Gotta keep trying though lol.



      1. Make sure you have a good soft foundation brush, it helps. Foundation is really tricky x


    4. I think I am guilty of most of these too! I don’t wear makeup very often so when I do I tend to slap it on quickly not really thinking. I had no idea how much difference lip liner makes and I will not be forgetting that in the future. Thank you for joining us at #BloggerClubUK hope to see you again next week x


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