Colour Correction (part 2)- My Cunning Trick

A hack you can use to colour correct without buying any new products 

So yesterday we enjoyed my post Colour Correction Part 1

I have been disappointed with what the shops have to offer in terms of colour correction-Makeup Revolution’s effort is feeble. Kiko and MUA’s palettes look a bit measly. I suppose I could go online. Im not all that keen on the idea of buying makeup blind. 

I could probably live without colour correction altogether. But I had a little thought. Could I use other makeup products as colour correctors? Like lipstick, blusher and eyeshadow. So I had a rummage through my existing makeup to see what I could find.  

my unusual colour correctors
I’ve had this bright palette for some time. It’s by a company called Pop Beauty, I wasn’t sure if it existed anymore, I haven’t seen it around for ages. Pop beauty is still going, it’s based in London. I picked it out because it has a bright green shade. I also found an orange cream blush by Stila.
I’d say orange and green are the most useful shades for colour correction. The dark circles under the eyes have a blue tone which is corrected by orange. Red is corrected by green , so you can use green on spots and little blood vessels by the nose.  I also used a bit of purple to brighten sallow areas. Here is my DIY colour correction attempt-

 Doesn’t it look ghastly! But at least the colours are visible to the naked eye unlike yesterday’s attempt. I let it set for a few minutes, the next step is foundation, blended carefully with a brush. 

Awesome! I don’t look mental anymore. It works just fine. 

Have a root through your makeup see if you can find any bright green, orange, purple, lavender, peach, you can use any of those to colour correct. Lipstick, blush, eyeshadow, I think you could use a child’s face paint set. 

colour-correction-corrector-hack-trick-blusher-lipstick-eyeshadow I see no problem with experimenting with makeup and this trick does really work. Your significant other might freak if you’re caught with orange eyes and a green nose, you can blame me.

Have you found any decent colour correctors on the high street? Has your boyfriend laughed at your multicoloured face? Let me know in comments ⬇️ 

Me with the rest of my makeup on- not a trace of green

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