Stila Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick Review 

Review of Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick in shade Patina with photos and swatches

Liquid lipstick is the new thing. Because Kylie Jenner says so. Basically liquid lipstick is a paint that dries to a matte finish and lasts well. I’m most certainly up for a lipstick which stays on. I don’t often wear lipstick because it gets all over everything, it sticks to my children’s clothing way better than it does to my mouth. What’s the point of it if there’s no trace on your lips but all your cups, sleeves and kids faces are plastered with it. 

I had a look at a couple of brands in town and both Revlons budget effort and the more expensive MAC version made a sticky mess. Stila’s liquid lipstick passed my back of the hand test. I chose shade Patina, it looked a clover pink in the tube. Stila do a range of 20 shades of liquid lipstick, there’s plenty to choose from, browns, pinks, plums and an eye catching blue red called “fiery”.  It cost £16, so mid range I would say.

Swatch on the right is after smudging

 The packaging is good enough-a plastic tube with a narrow doe foot applicator, it looks the same as a lipgloss. It’s quite different to apply- very fluid. I didn’t find it difficult to get it in the right place. Although it really helps to use a lip liner, it’s much easier to get the margins really tidy that way. It has a slight scent of vanilla. 

Tip-Make sure you check your teeth once it’s on.

 stila-liquid-lipstick-stay-all-day-review-patina-swatch Once dry it’s completely matte and stuck tight to my lips. It transfers just the slightest trace. 

Amount of transfer

It’s a bit darker than I expected. More of a brown purple than pink. I might suggest choosing a shade lighter than you’d think you’d want. It lasts well. I don’t feel like I’ve got to be as conscious of my lipstick while going about my business, it doesn’t smudge. My lips don’t feel dry or sticky either, surprisingly. 

After Lunch

Theres a reasonable amount of lipstick present after lunch (a bowl of soup and a ham baguette-lipstick removing food, I really put it through it’s paces). I had to reapply after eating to keep it looking decent, that was fine.

If you want to remove the liquid lipstick you will have to use makeup remover, that might get on some people’s nerves, but what do you expect from “stay all day” lipstick. I wouldn’t call that cause for complaint.


If you’re looking for an ultra matte lipstick which lasts then Stila Stay all Day Liquid Lipstick is a great choice. It’s not exactly lip enlarging. Kylie Jenner can carry off the look because she has ginormous lips. Those with small or thin lips should chose a lighter or brighter shade than Patina.  

There! Don’t we look the same!
I certainly haven’t been put off liquid lipstick. I would like to find an comparable budget version and try some other shades, I’ll keep you posted x


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  1. Very interesting, I didn’t know Stila did an all day liquid lipstick. I quite like the L’Oreal 24 Hour one because although it takes a few minutes to stop being sticky, once it’s dry, it really does stay all day and I don’t notice any transferrence (plus I like to layer my plumping lip gloss over the top).


  2. Lush colour! Your lips are a really nice shape! ❤️Rhi xx


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