Spring/Summer makeup trend 2016- blue with a tan


One of the makeup trends for this summer is blue eye makeup. Looking at the models from this season’s catwalk, any sort of blue eye makeup will work- messy navy liner, baby blue lids, bright cobalt, black&blue smoky, blue liquid liner cat flicks, anything goes.

I’m having a go today at blue eye makeup. I don’t think blue suits me, maybe it’s my skin tone? I seldom wear it. But I t’s a fresh look for the new season though. Summer’s just round the corner, let’s freshen things up a bit. 

So today I went for black liquid liner to begin with. Mascara is obligatory.

summer-spring-2016-blue-eyeshadow-makeup-look   I used L’Oreal SuperLiner and They’re Real Mascara by Benefit.
 Then a stripe of bright blue pencil liner above the cat flick.


Then I blended with a blue shadow. The shadow is Urban Decay, I forget what it’s called. It’s medium toned and has a little metallic shimmer.

summer-spring-2016-blue-eyeshadow-makeup-look   Then I used the light golden shadow on the inside of my lids for a “pop”.

summer-spring-2016-blue-eyeshadow-makeup-look Plenty of bronzer really suits blue eye makeup or a healthy tan. 

Do you know, I think I preferred the look before I started blending. I like that bold swipe of intense blue. I think I over egged it with the blending and diluted the impact. 

I think dark or bright blue can look great. I think to avoid looking a bit 80s avoid pale shimmery blue. Try Navy, Cobalt, bright matte Aqua. Keep it Matte and Bold, I think you could be on to a winner. A tan would help too, no doubt. 


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  1. watchyourbeauty says:

    I tagged you in the Liebster Award x


    1. How cool, cheers love! Xx


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