Bourjois Clubbing Mascara


My review and thorough recommendation of Bourjois Clubbing Mascara

Bourjois-clubbing-mascara-reviewI have strict stipulations when it comes to mascara. It must not flake off during the course of the day or rub around my eye are when I absentmindedly swipe my lids. It has to make me look as though I have had many hours of unbroken sleep. It must come off my eyelashes exactly when it’s supposed to.

My darling sister always has the most fabulous eyelashes and her tip was Bourjois Clubbing. So called because you could wear it to a hot sweaty nightclub and it wouldn’t come off.  Sure enough you probably could. It’s great. It definitely stays put.

I used to wear Clinique High Impact mascara because I found it came off lovely with face wash, which is good if you can’t be bothered with a special eye makeup remover. I did find with it that it gave me grey shadows under my eyes at the end of the working day, not so great.

Bourjois Clubbing does require a waterproof eye makeup remover but it’s worth it to have wide awake peepers all day

I give it 9/10



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