L’Oreal Double Extension Extra Black Mascara 

My review of L’Oreal’s Fortifying  Extending Double Extension Mascara in Extra Black with photos .L'Oreal-Paris-Double-Extension-Extra-blabk-mascara-primer-review-photos 

“L’Oréal Paris introduces Double Extension, their first conditioning, extending mascara which respects your lashes & makes them look up to 60% longer! L’Oréal Paris Double Extension Mascara is a 2 step Mascara which is composed of A conditioning white base coat with Ceramide R which contains natural fibres that act like extensions to visibly lengthen the appearance of your lashes A lengthening Mascara with a patented brush which evenly distributes intense colour from root to tip, with virtually no clumping”

You need to replace your mascara every three months, don’t ya know. A perfect excuse, I thought, to try a new mascara. I usually use Bourjois Clubbing Mascara or They’re Real by Benefit. I find them both excellent. They make my lashes look great and there’s no flaking or smudging, no matter what I get up to. Why would I change mascaras when I am completely satisfied with what I already have? Boredom? Curiosity? Also because they take a bit of elbow grease to remove and I’m a bit worried about my eyelashes, poor eyelashes!

I bought Double Extension because I had heard that it is the bees knees from another blogger. (The reason I buy lots of things these days!). It’s one of those Mascaras with two wands and two tubes joined together. One contains a white primer which is meant to be conditioning, the other is a black mascara. The idea of it being conditioning appealed to me in my current eyelash empathetic state. 

L’Oreal also do Double Extension Waterproof, Beauty Tubes and Renewal Serum. I didn’t know which to get, it was confusing. What are “beauty tubes”?


The wands look pretty standard to me, but apparently they’re patented, L’Oreal  boasts. So the White base coat goes on, it feels a bit like a moisturising cream. It’s not extremely white, which is good. 

L'Oreal-Paris-Double-Extension-Extra-blabk-mascara-primer-review-photos Then the black mascara. This really does lengthen and thicken the lashes.  

L'Oreal-Paris-Double-Extension-Extra-blabk-mascara-primer-review-photos  I wouldn’t wait for the base coat to dry before applying the mascara. When I did, my lashes felt hard and there was a lot of clumpiness. I think this photo shows this clumping well- 

L'Oreal-Paris-Double-Extension-Extra-blabk-mascara-primer-review-photos This mascara is a bit clumpy. It gives the promised length and thickness for sure, but there are blobs. 

As for staying power, and this is pivotal to mascara success, I would say middling. I did get some gray fallout by the end of the day. I hate that, it makes me look tired and dirty. Which of course I am, but I don’t want my face to display my tired dirtiness 

At the end of the day
It could well be that I need the waterproof Double Extension for real lastability. But I didn’t buy that one, doh!

L’Oreal Double Extension in Extra Black gets 5/10 from me, I shall not repurchase 

Should you wish to, you can buy this product from Boots.com


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  1. Rodanthi says:

    I also try new products some times, even though I may be very satisfied with the ones I usually apply. I haven’t tried this mascara and, to be honest, I won’t after reading your post. It seems too much fuss with little results! I recently bought Estee Lauder’s Sumptuous Infinite mascara and I am impressed by its results. Well, I don’t apply mascara on a daily basis, to be honest, but when I do, I get great results with this one! Thanks for the great post. Very helpful! 🙂


    1. Sumptuous Infinite! What an amazing name! X

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Leanne says:

    Gotta say, in terms of length and your picture, the before/after looks pretty snazzy. Although with the gray flakes, I wouldn’t repurchase either. I don’t need any extra help looking tired at the end of the day! Lol! Great review!


    1. I know, it was so promising, then leaves me looking even more like gollum! X


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