Collection Eyes Uncovered Eyeshadow Palette in Nude Grey

My Review of Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Grey with photos and swatches

 Collection Eyes Uncovered Palette in Nude Grey allows you to create a cool toned eye for a defined and sultry evening look. Choose from six different shades (Parchment, Rubble, Under the Moon, Drift Wood, In A Nutshell and Eclipse).


I really like Collection (or Collection 2000 as it was called, still getting used to that). I bought an eyeliner pen (Extreme!) and while it wasn’t the best liner in the world (it’s in my eyeliner review- Here-not dark enough) it was cheap and cheerful. I keep going back to the Collection stand and grabbing little bits that I “need” and don’t want to spend lots of cash on. Like their loose powder 

collection-eyes-uncovered-eyeshadow-palette-nude-grey-review-photos-swatches It’s perfectly light and non cakey. I was using Bare Minerals and I found it made me look wrinkly- quelle horreur! I also got a brow kit, and this eyeliner palette. Collection is so bargainous, everything is £3.99 at the moment on an offer in, but it’s never expensive eg. Foundation is £5.99.

The Eyes Uncovered palette in grey consists of 6 neutral shades. One matte white, one matte black, the other four have a shimmer to them- two taupe and two grey.  


What really appealed to me initially about Eyes Uncovered is how very soft the powder is. So soft. The packaging feels very light and a bit cheapo, it’s made of card, I can’t see it being very hard wearing. I think all the £3.99  went on the eyeshadow, that’s fine. The pigmentation is good especially the black. The shimmer shades pack a bit of punch too. 

collection-eyes-uncovered-eyeshadow-palette-nude-grey-review-photos-swatches The matte white is good for using under the brow as a highlight. The shadow is lovely and blendable. The shimmer shades are great for blending into the eye crease.

There is some creasing after a few hours, you must use a good eyeshadow primer first. 



  • The price
  • The quality of the powder- soft, buildable, pigmented
  • Useful shades


  • Packaging is low quality 
  • It will crease after a few hours 

Collection does a few other Eyes Uncovered palettes- nude, bronze, purple, rose and smoky grey. I might have to get a couple more!

Collection Eyes Uncovered in Nude Grey gets a solid 8/10, how jolly.


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