Makeup Hack- 4 Uses for Makeup Setting Spray.

A makeup hack experiment on the uses of setting spray, with photos.

Have you tried makeup setting spray? (Or fixing mist or locking spritz or whatever you want to call it) You’re meant to spray it over your completed makeup to set it, sort of turn it into an indelible crust. I had heard of people using hairspray in this way before, but that’s probably very bad for your skin, what with all the alcohol. Nowadays there are specially designed setting sprays that shouldn’t harm skin and keep makeup from smudging and melting.

That hasn’t been my experience of them though. I went to town and bought Urban Decay DeSlick spray for many pounds. Far from keeping my visage immaculate all day, it made my makeup run and I shone like a moonface. I actually went to the lengths of sending it back, which was no easy feat I can tell you.

 makeup-hack-tips-MUA-setting-spray-uses-eyeshadow-brows-foundation-photos I have a budget (£5) setting spray from MUA which I use regularly, but not to spray over my made up face. Because that ruins all my hard work, no no, I have other uses for setting spray. 

  • I often use makeup setting spray on my brows. I spray some on the lid of a moisturiser tub  makeup-hack-tips-MUA-setting-spray-uses-eyeshadow-brows-foundation-photos  Then I  use an angled brush to mix with some brown powder  makeup-hack-tips-MUA-setting-spray-uses-eyeshadow-brows-foundation-photos  I use either a brow palette or some eyeshadow it works equally well). I would advise choosing a shade lighter than you’d imagine you need. I keep forgetting that advice myself. The spray just helps set the colour and tames brow hairs. Here’s the before and after-     makeup-hack-tips-MUA-setting-spray-uses-eyeshadow-brows-foundation-photos 
  • The other use for setting spray is to jujj up eyeshadow. I have this ELF palette and some of the colours are lacklustre. See exhibit A-   
    my e.l.f. palette- it looks so promising!
    Alas, some of the shades lack pigment
     The colours on the left are meant to be hot pink and black, but they’re so wishy washy. The goal of today’s experiment was to see if I could salvage these lousy eyeshadows with MUA setting spray. So let’s see what happens when I mix the shadows with the spray-makeup-hack-tips-MUA-setting-spray-uses-eyeshadow-brows-foundation-photos They are improved somewhat. I used a dark sparkly pink and the black on my lids. First the black-   makeup-hack-tips-MUA-setting-spray-uses-eyeshadow-brows-foundation-photos It’s a bit “blobby” but it makes for a opaque base for the rest of my colour. Next is the sparkly pink-  makeup-hack-tips-MUA-setting-spray-uses-eyeshadow-brows-foundation-photos  It doesn’t look very finished. Once I take a soft round eyeshadow brush a blend over some dry gold shadow then it looks the part-  makeup-hack-tips-MUA-setting-spray-uses-eyeshadow-brows-foundation-photos  I am pleased! Moistening the brush adds impact to the colour. You could sort of turn eyeshadow into liquid liner. If you have a glittery shadow that ends up down your face, setting spray can be used to trap the glitter and seal it to your lid.
  • If you use a blending sponge, you can also use setting spray to moisten then sponge. This will lighten a heavy cakey foundation and make it more “blendy”
  • If you have some gel eyeliner or concealer that has got a bit dry, use a brush moistened with setting spray to breathe life back into it.

Setting spray has functionality beyond its suggested face spritzing. 

    If you’ve bought some makeup setting spray and been disappointed then there are other uses for it, it might not have to go in the bin. Or, you’ve found a really good one that works a charm- please let me know in comments 


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