Ren Skincare Instant Beauty Booster Box Review ❤️

Discover our new instant beauty booster kit…3 steps to beautiful, glowing, firmer skin.

About the brand- Since its launch in 2000 REN has become a cult favourite, giving you ground breaking product formulation, the latest hi-tech actives, rigorous product testing and clinically proven results. REN uses only 100% plant and mineral derived actives and is free from skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients.

 ren-antiaging-cf-skincare-review-glycolactic-instant-beauty-boost-boxI’m about to be overly enthusiastic, I should warn you. Be prepared for no scorn to be poured whatsoever. Which is unlike me, I’m cynical by nature. I first heard about Ren many years ago from a wise friend. They’ve been going for 15 years now. I had some Ren shampoo and conditioner and it was the best I’ve ever used, hands down. My hair actually looked nice after using it. Then Ren promptly stopped doing hair care immediately after me finding this holy grail. My hair went back to being rubbish.

For some reason I didn’t buy any more Ren. Possibly because it’s expensive. But recently I’ve become desperate for decent skincare. I have a small baby and she’s not a natural sleeper. I look more tired and aged than I ever have. Sali Hughes, the beauty writer for the guardian, recommended their new eye cream Keep Young and Beautiful. I was at the Ren area of John Lewis like a shot.

I ended up getting the Instant Beauty Booster box. For £32 you get 50ml of Glycolactic Radiance Renewal Mask, 10ml of Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Beauty Shot, 20ml of Flash Rinse 1 Minute Facial and a muslin cloth for cleaning off the Glycolactic mask. 

I used all three last night. OMG my face feels like velvet. 

 ren-antiaging-cf-skincare-review-glycolactic-instant-beauty-boost-box The Glycolactic mask goes on first. It looks a bit like you’ve smeared honey over your face, it smells odd. It makes your skin tingle. It’s basically a mild glycolic peel. After 10 minutes you remove with the damp muslin.

Next use the Flash Rinse 1 Minute. This product is all about vitamin C. Water activated Vitamin C. This works as an antioxidant and collagen booster. It helps reverse sun damage, boost collagen and brighten skin. It’s a gritty blue gel, it sort of feels like a face scrub. It feels so odd. You rub it into your skin to awaken the Vitamin C particles then leave on for 1 minute. It’s difficult to describe the texture, as you rub it in it sort of becomes plasticy and difficult to move. There’s an aroma of oranges. Then after one short minute it’s rinsed off.

The Keep Young and Beautiful Instant Firming Shot is like a serum. It feels very glossy and slippery but not light, there’s some body to it. It’s largely composed of Sodium Hyaluronan. Biochemistry fans will know all too well that this is the molecule responsible for holding water in the tissues. It’s what gives your skin plumpness.

The idea is to follow this serum with moisturiser. I used some Ren Night Cream from a sample given by a lovely lady in Marks and Spencer’s.  The cream feels like it’s going to be heavy and rich. But my face sort of drinks it up. It’s absorbed without a trace leaving my skin feeling like nothing else. It’s unbelievably soft and fresh feeling. 

I feel like I’ve had a long facial at an expensive spa. There’s no redness or oiliness, just baby’s bum softness. 

Ren’s products feel and smell unusual as if there’s magical ingredients. They are cruelty free and botanical. I might go as far as to say that from now on I wouldn’t use anything else. Strong praise indeed. 

Ren Instant Beauty Box 10/10 👍


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  1. Jo says:

    Ah Ren! I’d forgotten how great this stuff is! I had some face wash ages ago and loved it. Thanks for reminding me! (Best wait til payday to visit m and s!)

    Liked by 1 person

    1. It’s good stuff! X


  2. Claire says:

    Ren is my favourite after Jo (I think the Jo above) bought me some- my favs are the clear calm clay cleanser, and the omega 3 serum oil. Both BRILLIANT and I couldn’t recommend enough. And I almost never say that about skincare! I will skip on over to Look Fantastic to try out your recommendations!


    1. Jo is a good friend! I’ve had the Omega 3 oil before, it’s great. I’ve been given a load of Ren testers and everything I’ve tried feels quality and beneficial. Let me know how you get on x


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