Summer Makeup Trend 2016- Matte Red Lips

stila-all-day-lip-paint-fiery-summer-2016-trend-makeup As you can see from the lovely young ladies above, bold red lips look for now. I already spoke about the trend for Blue eye makeup for the summer 2016. Models were also seen coming down the catwalk sporting perfect skin, pared down eyes and bright Apple red lips. It’s minimalist but pretty, striking yet easy to achieve.

I think this look is especially eye catching on blondes. My blonde sister in law always has red lips, she works it daily (I’m always so jealous of people who wear a signature look). Red Lips is a classic look. The 2016 update is precise application of the red in a satin or matte finish on a flawless base, with the barest suggestion of eye makeup. Think Snow White.

I’ve been on the hunt for the right lippy and I think I found it. I reviewed Stila’s Stay All Day Liquid Lipstick recently. It’s good stuff. While I was choosing shades I sidetracked by one called Fiery. Stila do a few different reds but Fiery has a cool tone, this makes it easier to wear. I chose Fiery as my Summer 2016 Snow White red.


I smudged the swatch on the left with my finger


It’s a great shade and dries matte. You can see it is smudgeable, but not as badly as normal lipstick. As I said before, application is a little tricky. The doe foot applicator is pretty good, skinny and soft. The liquid dries pretty quickly to a matte finish. Make sure you check your teeth!

it dries matte

If it’s too matte for you, you can add a little gloss or balm. I shouldn’t think that’ll help with its staying power though.

I added some gloss

While it does transfer a bit, I didn’t feel I had to reapply until after I had eaten. You can touch up with no issues.

After eating lunch there is some fade, but not much

Stila lip paint makes it easier to wear a vivid colour, it lasts for hours. It transfers less than a normal bullet. I still felt like the makeup was wearing me, as in, I had to be mindful of what I was doing with my lips (!). If you absentmindedly scratch your lip with your teeth, you make a god awful mess.

For seasoned lipstick wearers Stila Stay All Day Lip Paint in Fiery will be a great addition to your collection. If you’re not, I still think it’s worth buying- the shade would suit anyone and you’d wow at parties.


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    Great post, nice blog xx


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