Monochrome Makeup 

Matchy Matchy is in! Matching your lips to your nails or matching lips to cheeks or even matching lips to cheeks to eyes. My experiment today was to try a one colour face to see if I could make monochrome work, just for a bit of fun.

I’ve seen it done with orange, brown, lilac, purple, burgundy, coral, peach, metalic, anything goes. The idea is that you stick to the same colour family for eyes, lips and cheeks. You can use different textures and intensities in each area. 

I think Monochrome is a bit of a nineties look. E.g. brown nude lipstick, brown eyeshadow, peachy/beige blush. Like this-  

matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal Or, God forbid, this- 

matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal It can look grungy, or futuristic/ space aged. That sort of look is cool right now isn’t it? I can’t remember wearing makeup in the nineties, I don’t think my mum let me. But if I had been allowed I would have been smearing my Black Cherry by Rimmel lipstick all over my face in a flash. It’s such a thrifty look, one product does all the work. I can see why 90s girls were into it.

I’m not going to do brown, I can’t bring myself to. Uggh, brown lipstick, no thanks. I found a matte lipstick in deep purple red by Seventeen (Stay Pout Lipstick in Rule Breaker) that I had knocking about. Cranberry eye shadow is a thing at the mo, this just might work (?!). 

My Materials-  

matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal
Seventeen Stay Pout Lipstick in Rule Breaker
matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal So after my primer I made a start on my Monochrome/Tonal look-

  • Firstly I used the lipstick as a blush, this technique I learnt only yesterday (for my Clown Contour experiment)- put blush on before foundation. Sounds mad but it works, it looks more natural. 
    matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal
    pre-foundation Lipstick/Blush
  • After foundation I did my lips, I didn’t go mad, I thought dark lips and red eye makeup might result in my looking like a goth, a lunatic or a diseased person. I used my lipbrush and a bit of gloss.
  • Eyes- I smudged the lipstick on my eyelids! Roughly lined with a dark brown pencil (my fave by Kiko) Then used a pink from my Collection Eyes Uncovered in Nude Rose for blending across the whole lid and a dark purple for the crease.matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal  
  • The usual brows, mascara Lalala

 matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal  
matchy- 90s-makeup-look-grunge-monochrome-tonal It didn’t look as bonkers as I expected considering I just put lipstick all over my face. I could have gone further. I’m loving the “cranberry” eye thing, I don’t look as much like I have an eye infection as I expected.
Monochrome (aka Tonal, aka Matchy) makeup is quite wearable if you choose a shade that suits you and mix up the textures. Spice up your life! 




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