8 Steps to Achieving All Day Matte Perfection 

I’ve been asked about Mattifying products by friends. Which ones work? Do any of them work? How can I get my makeup to stay put all day? 

Through my own experience, I don’t think all day doll-face can be  achieved just by using one product, unfortunately. If you need to look flawless all day, perhaps you have a party or wedding to go to, I think you need to go at it with all guns blazing. I’m probably the oiliest person in the world, so I’m a good candidate for trying out Mattifying techniques. Here’s are the steps I think you need to take for all day makeup, if you are of an oily persuasion-

  1. Prep! You need your canvas to be in good order. Cleanse, exfoliate (this is important), tone, lightly moisturise. Use products you’re comfortable with.  I really like Kiehls Microdermabrasion Scrub for getting my skin smooth and ready for makeup. I’m currently using a Simple face wash, it’s non irritant and non drying. Using harsh drying ingredients can send oily skin into a psychotic oil making frenzy.
  2. PrimerI own lots of priming products. As if I keep buying them eventually I’ll come across one that will actually do what it claims to. I haven’t found a holy grail primer but at the moment I’m using Collection Primed and Ready Mattifying Pore Minimiser with Witchhazel (love Collection!). It’s a light silicone based gel that blurs imperfections, mattifies skin and (supposedly) combats blemishes. To me this performs as well as more expensive primers that I have tried.  all-day-matte-makeup-bridal-wedding-primer 
  3. Powder- Here I do things a bit differently. I use loose powder on a fat natural bristle brush directly onto my primer. Just a light dusting. Now my skin is smooth and velvety and ready for foundation   
    my pre foundation matte base
  4. Foundation- Use an Oil-free matte foundation. Like L’Oreal Infallible Matte or Estée Lauder Double Wear. These heavy duty foundations can be a bit cakey especially in the daytime. I have taken to mixing in a bit of my Mattifying primer just to lighten the coverage a little.    all-day-matte-makeup-bridal-wedding-primer After application you can buff using a sponge blender slightly dampened with setting spray. all-day-matte-makeup-bridal-wedding-primer 
  5. Eye primer- This is a must for oily lidded ladies. I use Urban Decay Eye Potion in Eden. Its specifically for oily skin and works a treat to prevent creasing.   
  6. The Rest of Face- a good way to increase the lifespan of eyeshadow, blush and lipstick is to use powder over the top of liquid formulations. Eg. Powder eyeshadow over gel eye pencil, blusher on top of cheek stain. This intensifies the colour and sets it. And don’t forget to use lip liner (she says, while nearly always forgetting to use it herself!).  It goes without saying that a decent Mascara is essential. I like They’re Real by Benefit, it ticks all the boxes.  Liquid eyeliner is a good all day look, chose the right liner and its impervious, I like L’Oreal Super Liner.
  7. Powder again! 
  8. The Upkeep- Now that you look like a flawless Angel, you’ll want to stay that way. Your aim in life is to avoid touching your face.  Also getting hot and sweaty will undo all your hard work. Get someone to walk next to you with a sun parasol and a palm leaf fan if possible.  Have Blotting Paper in your handbag, failing that, a light dusting of powder for touch ups.  

If you have a big day it’s worth putting in the effort. I think all day matte perfection is achievable but it’s important not to get sweaty. Ain’t no makeup known to man that can hide sweaty. Like I said- a lady ought to have a lackey with a fan.




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        1. Leanne says:

          Palm leaf fan boy, I have to get me one of those! Great ideas- I’ve never thought of mixing my foundation with primer to thin it a bit. I’ll have to give it a try! As always, love your posts!

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