Bobbi Brown Long Wear Brow Gel

My Review of Bobbi Brown Long Wear Eyebrow gel in Saddle with photos and Swatches


We all know brows are everything, but until recently I left my brows alone. I don’t think I realised how much it can improve your appearance to have symmetrical groomed eyebrows. My brows are dark, pretty full but asymmetrical. They need a bit of tarting up. 

My Unmade-up Brows
I’ve been crying out for an amazing brow product. I’ve been using a powder palette by Collection (I’m like a broken record, Collection this, Collection that…) which is great but because it’s powder I also have to use setting spray to set the powder and a brow gel to set the hairs. I was hoping to streamline the operation with this gel by Bobbi Brown.

This is the official blurb-

A combination of Beeswax and wax gellants goes on effortlessly, delivering instant pigment payoff and firm but flexible hold. Buildable colour and coverage mean it’s easy to go from a naturally defined brow to a bolder brow look. Plus, the long-wearing formula is water-, sweat- and humidity-resistant

RRP £17.00

I went on the Bobbi Brown counter girl’s advice and got the shade “Saddle” a cool toned brown for dark brunettes.  There are 4 lighter shades- Grey, Blonde, Taupe, Wheat and 3 darker shades- Rich Brown, Mahogany and Rich Mahogany. The next one darker, Rich Brown, had a red tone.

Bobbi-Brown-long-wear-brow-eyebrow-gel-review-photo-pictures-swatches It comes in a small compact with a mirror. I’ll let you have a look at the swatch before I describe it, the image tells a thousand words- 

Bobbi-Brown-long-wear-brow-eyebrow-gel-review-photo-pictures-swatches Can you even see those lines? The line on the right I left set for severe minutes then rubbed it. I was promised long wear! I feel a bit disappointed. 

I used a soft slanted brush dipped into the gel to fill in my brows and even them up. It has a silky consistency, but it’s so subtle. Here is the product on- 

Bobbi-Brown-long-wear-brow-eyebrow-gel-review-photo-pictures-swatches  Bobbi-Brown-long-wear-brow-eyebrow-gel-review-photo-pictures-swatches 
As you can see, it’s pretty subtle. I couldn’t build on the intensity of colour either. I can’t see it weathering the storm of my daily business either.

I know a lot of ladies who this will appeal to. If you want to smarten up your brows without looking obvious, this could well be the one for you. It’s subtle, easy to apply and forgiving- you don’t need to be a makeup artist to get it in the right place.

It didn’t knock my socks off though. For £17 I would like the product to give a bit more impact.  I might even go back to Bobbi and have a word.

Bobbi Brown Long Wear Brow Gel- if subtle is what you’re after, give this a go, for me it was just so so- 5/10

Available from John Lewis, House of Fraser and Bobbi Brown



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  1. Great review! You may want to check out Kimiko’s brow products. The brow pencils are finely made so you can make your brows as natural as you want or build them up 🙂


    1. I have not heard of kimiko. My next port of call was going to be nyx brow gel. I’ll check that out, thanks x


  2. Cardiff Girl says:

    Hey Nia, you should try Bobbi Brown Perfectly Defined Long Wear Eyebrow pencil instead. It’s awesome. I have issues with my eyebrows (one has a very thin patch in the middle) but this hides all manner of imperfections without giving you a heavy pencilled-in look, it’s very natural. And it lasts all day without fail. If you take your gel back to Bobbi Brown they might let you swap it for the pencil…..? They’re pretty good like that.


    1. Do you know what, I’m off into town now to do just that. Thanks for the tip on the pencil. I hope they let me swop. I’m in Cardiff too! X

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