Kiko Artist Foundation Brush 

My Review of Kiko’s Artist Foundation Brush with photos 

 kiko-artist-foundation-brush-review-photosThe blurb-

The ideal brush for applying liquid foundations. Its dense bristles allow the foundation to be blended easily and quickly without wasting any product. The synthetic fiber of the bristles provides flexibility, durability and high application performance. The bristles are soft and silky on the skin. In line with the collection “The Artist”, the minimal design of the white handle gives the brush an elegant, professional look.

RRP £13.90

This brush makes me so happy I want to cry. It’s so pretty. It has a white handle with a painterly stripe and pink ombré bristles. It’s so soft and firm.

I have been using a flat top foundation brush from Space NK.  

Don’t get me wrong, it’s a great brush, similarly soft and firm. It’s perfect for stippling foundation on, good for gentle blending of contour and highlight shades. But its flat top won’t fit into the crevices. When I use it, I also have to use my fingers or a concealer brush to get in by my nose and eyes. 

kiko-artist-foundation-brush-review-photos The Kiko brush has something of a point, ideal for blending into narrow areas. It’s synthetic, so it doesn’t absorb lots of product. It’s super soft so that it spreads the foundation smoothly and doesn’t leave you with foundation lines.

It’s only £13.90! My Space NK brush was £38. It really feels a lot more expensive. And it looks sooo pretty!


Me giving my lovely new brush a cuddle


A good foundation brush is must have in my view. It will save you time. Using one means you won’t have to spend as long fiddling about and blending. It will make your foundation sing- there’s no use buying expensive stuff only to slap it on in a haphazard fashion. This Kiko brush works like a charm, I was flawless in 30 seconds.

Kiko Artist Foundation Brush 10/10  get down to Kiko and grab one, pronto! 🏆



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