Spotlighting-A Subtle   Highlighting Technique 

A description of the spotlighting technique of applying highlighter. A tutorial with photos and a video 

Spotlighting is a new highlighting technique. It’s great for daytime wear and is very easy to execute. I first saw spotlighting done on a promo video for some brand and for the life of me I can’t remember which one! It’s similar to standard highlighting or strobing. I have to come clean and admit I don’t see how strobing is different to normal highlighting. I’m assuming it’s just the opposite to contouring- drawing attention to the high points rather than contouring in shadows.

Highlighting is lighter than contouring, it’s easier to wear than those brown contour layers. It won’t give you a brown jaw. But if you overdo it you will end up with weird metallic areas. Like Arnie at the end of Terminator 2. 

spotlighting-technique-highlight-contour-tutorial-pictures- videoCareful love, you’re starting to look like a robot! 

Spotlighting is highlighting-lite. You just dab a spot of liquid highlighter on the high points of the face after applying the rest of your makeup and blend. It’s very simple, subtle and flattering.

Once foundation, blusher and eye makeup are done, take your liquid highlighter, here is my selection- 

spotlighting-technique-highlight-contour-tutorial-pictures- videoUsing your finger, dot highlighter onto your high spots- forehead, brow bone, tip of nose, cheekbones, cupids bow and chin-

spotlighting-technique-highlight-contour-tutorial-pictures- video
Stars indicate where you dab your illuminating product

Take a soft blending brush and blur the liquid into the rest of your makeup. It’s easy.

spotlighting-technique-highlight-contour-tutorial-pictures- video I used my Seventeen Skin Wow Highlighter and a stipple brush from Topshopspotlighting-technique-highlight-contour-tutorial-pictures- videoI made a little video on YouTube to show you how simple it is to blend. My First YouTube video!

Spotlighting is very simple. It really is the same as strobing but with this you just use a small blob of product. Highlighting made easy and not a robot in sight.




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  1. Loved the Terminator reference! haha

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