Review|Soltan Dry Touch Face Sunscreen Factor 50

UV radiation is bad news. Let me count the ways-

  1. Sunburn
  2. Freckles
  3. Thinning of the skin
  4. Loss of elasticity causing wrinkles
  5. Dark discolouration of the skin
  6. Corneal damage leading to cataracts
  7. Macular degeneration
  8. Skin cancers

It’s just not worth the glowing tan. I never wore sunscreen when I was young, we used to play in the sun until we blistered. Now I’m covered in freckles and discolouration. Cheers mum.

I think what brought home the impact of sun damage to me was spending time in Australia. The sun is so strong there my ex pat friend slathered on high quality sunscreen every time she went anywhere. I met a 19 year old girl who worked on a boat- her skin was awful, she was so wrinkly, bless her. Since then I’ve taken sun protection more seriously.

I put on factor 50 nearly every day. Why not use factor 50? You don’t want any UV radiation on your precious face. It’s awful! Makeup spf isn’t good enough either. When choosing sun protection you want to see stars, lots of them. This is what you want-

soltan-dry-touch-face-factor-50-sunscreen-reviewYou see, the number refers to UVB, that is the protection you’ll get from UV Burning rays. The stars refer to the protection against  UV Aging rays. You need stars as well as numbers!!!

soltan-dry-touch-face-factor-50-sunscreen-reviewYou can’t just put any sunscreen on your face, it’s generally white, shiny and sticky, you need something lighter. I normally use Antihelios XL by La Roche-Posey. It’s great but it’s £16.50. It’s starting to run low and I thought the Soltan dry touch factor 50 would be worth a try. The blurb was impressive-

All Soltan sun protection products have been awarded a maximum five-star rating against deep down skin damage caused by UVA rays.

Ultra-light and non-greasy
Mattifying formula
Easily absorbed for a weightless feel
Non-pore blocking
Anti-ageing complex
RRP £6 Available from

Exactly what I’m looking for. It’s a little heavier than the La Roche Posay I must say. Here’s the Soltan on the back of my hand-

soltan-dry-touch-face-factor-50-sunscreen-reviewAnd here’s the La Roche Posay-

soltan-dry-touch-face-factor-50-sunscreen-reviewYou can see the Soltan is a bit thicker and whiter. Neither of them are completely matte. There is a slight dew. It’s fine once it’s settled into your skin and make up goes on nicely atop.

I have to be honest the more expensive sunblock is nicer. The Soltan dry touch is whiter and shinier. It’s not bad though and it will protect your face marvellously.

I generally apply the Sunscreen after cleansing and moisturising. I quite often skip a separate primer. You could go nuts applying layers to your face in the morning- serum, eye cream, moisturiser, sun screen, primer, foundation… Aargh! Sun screen is one you really shouldn’t skip. It’s the only one that will stop you getting cancer and wrinkles.

This post is my kick up the bum to put sunblock on, be it expensive or not. The Soltan dry touch is perfectly wearable, affordable and its protection is excellent 7/10

Other products that could well be worth a try- Eucerin Matte Sunscreen factor 50Bobbi Brown Factor 50 Protective face base



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