How to Prevent your Under Eye Makeup from Creasing

How to disguise under eye discolouration in a way that doesn’t emphasise under eye wrinkles.

I’ve been playing around with my under eye makeup for a while, trying to get it to look right. Colour correction and concealer work great for disguising discolouration but because the under eye skin is thin, dry and mobile, makeup tends to settle into the crinkles and dry skin. I found I was looking better once I’d taken my makeup off. That defies the point!!!

So I’ve been researching and trying out different products and techniques. Eventually I came across this YouTube video by NikkieTutorials. Nikkie is amazing, I’m sure you’ll have heard of her. Check it out, she demonstrates the technique I’m about to describe. I can attest it does work, but it does consist of more stages than you’re probably using now.

Here’s the basic premise for making up your under eye if, shall we say, you’re no longer 18 years old-

  1. Moisturise– The under eye skin doesn’t produce much oil, you need to replace it with cream, oil or gel. Put plenty on and let it sink in.
  2. Thin layers– the more makeup you have on the more it will crease. 
  3. Don’t overpowder– The powder will show up any dry skin and sit in creases.

What you will need-

A concealer (I used L’Oreal Lumi illuminating under eye concealer, use whichever concealer you like), A damp makeup sponge, a tissue and a powder to set (I used my Collection loose powder)


The Steps-

  1. Moisturise the heck out of it! Really let the product sink in, then apply a thin layer of primer.
  2. Apply concealer in a triangle under the eye. Just a thin layer. While its settling in dampen your sponge.under-eye-makeup-prevent-creases-wrinkles-concealer
  3. Pat in with the damp sponge. It must be damp!under-eye-makeup-prevent-creases-wrinkles-blend with sponge
  4. Take your tissue, wrap it round your finger and blot the concealer, this makes sure the layer is thin as possible and presses it into creases.under-eye-makeup-prevent-creases-wrinkles-blot-with-tissueunder-eye-makeup-prevent-creases-wrinkles-blot-with-tissue
  5. Take a little powder onto your sponge (sorry my sponge looks battered, I need a new one) and dab it onto your under eye to set the concealer. You just need the thinnest layer.under-eye-makeup-prevent-creases-wrinkles-damp-sponge-with-powderunder-eye-makeup-prevent-creases-wrinkles-after
  6. A fine dusting of highlighter on the upper cheek.under-eye-makeup-prevent-creases-wrinkles-soft and gentle by mac

I’m really excited about this, I’ve managed to make myself look like an awake person. I look photoshopped!

under-eye-makeup-prevent-creases-wrinkles-after The layer of makeup is so thin it doesn’t crease anywhere near as much. It’s subtle and still visible. It is a bit more of a fiddle, maybe best kept for a special occasion or a day when your under eye is looking particularly under par. 

If you’re under eyes get dry during the day, you can dab on a bit of oil or eye moisturiser on top of your makeup to smooth out the creases.

Good luck, be sure to let me know how you get on in comments below.



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    1. Anita says:

      Great tips! Shall be trying this out x

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