Review|Freedom Pro Melt LipGloss

My Review of Freedom Makeup’s Pro Melt Lip Gloss. A most unusual lip you tried liquid lipstick? If you have then you’ll be familiar with that dry, coated feeling and the unpleasant way it disappears from the middle of your lips after a cheese sandwich. Liquid lipstick is good for an evening of lightly sipping glasses of champagne. If there’s any prospect of eating anything that contains oil don’t go there. 
I don’t often wear anything on my lips- liquid lipstick is too much, lipgloss sticks to my hair, lipstick ends up on my fingers, clothing and children and lasts about 5 minutes. I can’t be doing with it all. 

The Brand

Freedom makeup is a brand I’m not wholly familiar with. They’re a UK make, the sister of Makeup Revolution and I❤️Makeup. Freedom is marketed as professional makeup at affordable prices. I hadn’t had a good look at it because the packaging is so plain. But it is very affordable. They sets of 5 lipsticks for £5, eyeshadow palettes for £8. Check it out! You can find instore at Superdrug  in the UK. They also ship worldwide. 

The Pro Melt Lipgloss 

Pro Melts consists of a collection of 16 lipglosses. The packaging is very basic, a tube with a white lid and a doe foot applicator. But it’s unlike any lipgloss I’ve ever tried. Here’s how Freedom describes it-

Get the High Definition Intense finish with this melted lipstick formula lip gloss. Super intensive and long lasting.

I chose the shade “Up”, a clover pink shade. There were many other brighter and darker shades and a couple of neutrals to pick from. This shade is pretty and not outlandish.

It’s opaque, intense of colour, non sticky and slightly glossy. It’s not the same as lipgloss, it’s not shiny or tacky. It does actually feel like melted lipstick. It dries semi matte and lasts well. Most importantly it comes off evenly. 

You don’t get the weird mouth ring that liquid lipstick gives-

That Awful Liquid Lipstick Wear Pattern

Here’s how it looks on-

pro-melt-lipgloss-by-freedom-makeup-review-swatchesThe colour is intense and doesn’t feel dry on my lips. Here’s how it wears, this is the picture I took after breakfast-

pro-melt-lipgloss-by-freedom-makeup-review-swatchesNot bad! Here’s after lunch-

pro-melt-lipgloss-by-freedom-makeup-review-swatchesMostly gone. But it doesn’t look weird. It sorts of leaves a stain. You don’t have to run to the bathroom after eating to check that you don’t look like a nutter. 

Pro Melt in Overview 

 I agree with Freedoms description of Pro Melt, it’s more like melted lipstick than a lipgloss. It’s not all that glossy and the colour is more opaque than a gloss. And this is a good thing. It’s sort of a happy medium between lipstick, liquid lipstick and lipgloss. It’s a bargain at £3, fair dos. I may well go back and try more Freedom products if this is anything to go by.




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  1. Ooh, I really like that colour!

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    1. It’s good stuff. Thanks for the comment xx

      Liked by 1 person

      1. You are welcome! I wanted to say that you have the perfect lips for lipstick, but then it felt kind of weird and odd to say that! haa But it’s true, none-the-less!

        Liked by 1 person

      2. I can’t hear that enough! You should have seen how many photos I took to avoid getting my chin spots and wonky teeth in though! Xx

        Liked by 1 person

      3. omg! haha You have the perfect face for showing off your make up – beautiful eyes and mouth and great skin! 🙂 And glad you didn’t think it all creepy and odd! haha


      4. No, I love it! Thanks Tracy, that’s so lovely xx


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