Review|Lord and Berry Alchimia Mascara

My Review of Lord and Berry’s Alchimia High Definition and Volume mascara with pictures 

Alchimia-high-definition-mascara-lord-and-berry-productLord and Berry is an Italian Makeup company based in Milan. They take inspiration from the fashion world in creating their makeup, which can be worn as an accessory. According to their website. They do a full range of makeup and Lord and Berry is noted particularly for their lipsticks. 

I found the Lord and Berry stand in Boots. Tucked away and unassuming looking. What caught my eye was the Half Price off Everything sign. Interesting! I love trying new makeup. What if Lord and Berry turned out to be the best makeup in the world and I just walked past. I couldn’t let that happen.

I knew Lord and Berry lipsticks were meant to be good, I just didn’t fancy any of them. I don’t know why. I’m in need of mascara though. They do a few different mascaras, but the blurb on the Alchimia box makes it sound like a good all rounder

Alchimia-high-definition-mascara-lord-and-berry-blurbSo Alchimia is lengthening, curling, volumising, conditioning (with D-Panthenol, vitamin E, and bamboo extract), Long lasting, smudgeproof and quick drying. Wow! You couldn’t ask for much more from a mascara. Will it make me a cup of tea? And it’s made in Germany! For some reason I think that means it’s going to be good.

Lord and Berry Alchimia Mascara- How does it perform?

The packaging is stylish monochrome. Black with white typography. The brush is one of those silicone plastic affairs with little barbs-Alchimia-high-definition-mascara-lord-and-berry-wand I quite like these for a precise coating, good for grabbing all the little lashes. Alchimia is black and not clumpy. I did find it made my lashes a bit spidery. It didn’t quite deliver on the volume and length 

Alchimia-high-definition-mascara-lord-and-berry-before -alchimia
Before applying Alchimia

After Application
But it’s perfectly presentable. The real test of a mascara is how well it stays on. I don’t need to have giant eyelashes, but I do need to not look like a panda in the afternoon. Here’s my end of day photo wearing the Alchimia-

End of the day

No panda eye. No smudging or flaking. 

I usually wear They’re Real by Benefit and this product isn’t dissimilar to it. They both pass the stay all day test and have silicone brushes. This product is a good deal cheaper than They’re Real. 

 If you’re looking for smack you in the face volume then Alchimia isn’t for you, but for me this is a perfectly serviceable everyday mascara.  I read reports online of ladies who’s lashes grew and thickened after using Alchimia, I can’t attest to that yet.

Lord and Berry are a bit of an unknown to me. If you are a fan of Theres let me know in comments, if this mascara is anything to go by  it might be one to try. 

Alchimia by Lord and Berry Overview 


  • The price (RRP-£13 and half price in Boots at the moment)
  • Smudgeproof and long lasting 
  • Conditioning 
  • Intense black pigment 
  • Great for daytime wear


  • Doesn’t deliver incredible volume or length
  • Not so great for glam looks

Available from and



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