This Eyeliner Sucks!!!

A cautionary tale about buying an eyeliner without testing it first. And what happens when you try and return makeup.

mr-write-now-eyeliner-pencil-the-balm-scott-bordeaux-packagingI’m talking about Mr Write Now by The Balm in shade Scott Bordeaux. I was checking out their coloured eyeliner when I bought Mary LouManiser highlighter (which is excellent, I should add Check out the post). There was a lovely bronze liner which made an impressive indelible mark on the back of my hand. For some stupid reason I thought “No! I won’t buy the eyeliner which I know is nice, I’ll buy the purple one instead which I can’t test because there’s no tester”

Duh. Won’t be doing that again. I hate it. 

mr-write-now-eyeliner-pencil-the-balm-scott-bordeaux-swatchMr Write Now is a retractable pencil. This in itself is a bit silly because the tip is never pointy, you can only draw a thick line. Lesson learnt there. It’s the texture of the pencil is what does it in. It’s like a Crayola, really hard and difficult to draw on eye skin. It leaves  little purple lumps in its wake. 

The shade of purple isn’t even that great. It’s a bit grey and dull. The finish is a waxy matte.

mr-write-now-eyeliner-pencil-the-balm-scott-bordeaux-worn I tried to take it back to Superdrug. I know that I shouldn’t have expected anything, because I had used it. But it cost £13.95. And the was no tester! The Manager of Superdrug said “No dice” and gave me the number of the customer care team.  The customer care team told me that refunds or exchanges are at the store’s discretion. Waaah!

One of the shop floor ladies advised me to use a lighter to try and soften the nib. I gave it a go but it didn’t really help-

mr-write-now-eyeliner-pencil-the-balm-scott-bordeaux-wornIts still pretty lumpy. It doesn’t blend at all, it sort of sits on top of my eyelashes looking clumpy. I have to admit though Mr Write Now does have staying power, but it’s so unlovely I don’t want it to have staying power. This is the swatch after I tried to clean it off with a wipe-

mr-write-now-eyeliner-pencil-the-balm-scott-bordeaux-swatchIt doesn’t budge. 

I so should have bought the bronze shade (Jac B Bronze). It seemed so much softer. I wasn’t too impressed with Superdrugs customer service. They really ought to have testers available for expensive products.



  • Staying power
  • And that’s it


  • Firm lumpy texture
  • The shade is dull
  • The nib will never be sharp
  • The price is way too steep

Needless to say, I’m not recommending that you purchase Mr Write Now by The Balm, but if you do don’t buy this shade (Scott Bordeaux) whatever you do. 0/10

Have you tried Mr Write Now? How did you get on?


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  1. mandyjo79 says:

    Thanks for the review!! I know not to waste my money on that eyeliner.

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    1. Absolutely don’t! X

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  2. I received the bronze version of this from Ipsy and loved it!! It was a bit harder to get on but blended well. I went and bought a blue and black of the same one….it was a grease stick. I could’ve gotten better quality from ELF. Waste of 15 or so bucks each. I will never buy the eyeliner again.

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    1. Agree! The bronze one is half decent. It’s like they don’t try out their own products! X

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