Bourjois 123 perfect CC Eye Cream| The Under Eye Concealer That Does It All!

Review of Bourjois 123 perfect Colour Correcting Eye Cream with pictures and swatch.

bourjois-123-CC-hydrating-under-eye-cream-packagingWhat Bourjois has to say-

The skincare action of an eye cream + the colour correction of a concealer! Its multi-care formula and its smoothing silicon applicator: Camouflages imperfections and dark circles around the eyes. Smoothes wrinkles and fine lines. Reduces puffiness..without creasing. Its skincare action and lightweight texture leave the area around the eyes supple and soft:- 24Hr hydration- SPF 15 Result: Eyes are rested and radiant and left feeling supple and soft. Tested for you!

RRP- £7.99

I have a problem with under eye concealer, I usually find it creases under my eyes. It makes me look all wrinkly. After wearing it for a few hours it seems to group together where my eye skin has moved and leave little makeup stripes. Some concealers seem to have a dry texture, particularly the long lasting ones, they settle into dry patches. Overall the effect is unpleasant to see.

I had heard that Pro Longwear by MAC was the best concealer known to man, so I got a MAC makeup artist to apply some to my under eye area to test it out. I was matched with NW20 (which is a cool toned fair shade). She said “I’m wearing it now and it is excellent”. I surreptitiously  examined the young lady’s eye bags. There appeared to be an orange crust under her eyes. Sure enough that’s how it looked on me too. I think I’m the only person who doesn’t rave about ProLongwear. I think that because it sets to a matte finish, it does the under eye no favours.

Back to the subject matter. What I need from under eye concealer is-

  • To cover dark circles and brighten
  • Not to crease
  • Not to dry out my skin
  • To last the day

I find if I’m layering colour corrector, foundation, concealer and powder under the eye it tends to crease and cake all the more. One layer of makeup is all my eye skin can take. (I have written a post about Under Eye Concealer before). Bourjois 123 CC eye cream promises everything that I’m looking for in an under eye product.

It comes in a twist action pen (it only contains a measly 1.5ml of product though). The tip is a flexible silicone.

bourjois-123-CC-hydrating-under-eye-cream-packagingYou can dot the product on with the tip and blend with a damp sponge or finger. It comes in two shades Ivory and Beige, I got Ivory and it’s pretty pale.

bourjois-123-CC-hydrating-under-eye-cream-ivory-swatchThe texture is a thin cream. It’s meant to contain colour correcting pigments, but there’s no visible evidence of this. It definitely brightens the under eye area. Here’s before and after pictures-

bourjois-123-CC-hydrating-under-eye-cream-ivory-beforebourjois-123-CC-hydrating-under-eye-cream-ivory-after It’s not major league concealing, but if it was then the texture would be different and it might not sit so nicely. I found it lasted very well. Here’s a photo of it at the end of a session of housework on a warm day. It’s pretty much the only bit of makeup that did last-
bourjois-123-CC-hydrating-under-eye-cream-ivory-afterAs you can see it hasn’t gathered together in my fine lines. That has to be a first! I think Bourjois CC eye cream does fulfill it’s promises. My eye area stayed brightened and hydrated for hours. I’m happy with my purchase.

Overview of Bourjois 123 CC Eye Cream 


  • Brightens the eye area
  • Hydrating 
  • Doesn’t crease
  • Lasts well
  • SPF 15


  • I don’t think it would disguise severe discolouration 
  • £7.99 for 1.5ml seems a bit steep

Bourjois CC eye cream works for me. It certainly doesn’t make me look worse like some other products (Pro LongWear I’m looking at you) 7/10

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  1. Double the Monkey Business says:

    I definitely need to get some of this!!! xxx

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    1. I think I might ask Bourjois if they’d sell me a bucket of it! Xx

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  3. marinailieva says:

    As I’m getting older, I think I need this. 😀 Thank you so much for sharing.

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