Freedom Makeup|Dreamcatcher Pro12 Palette 

The prettiest, most colourful and most importantly bargainous palette I’ve ever found! My Review and Swatches of the little stunner.

freedom-pro12-dreamcatcher-eyeshadow-palette-review-swatches-packagingI’m not one for budget eyeshadow palettes. You think you’re getting value for money but you really aren’t if none of the shades are useable, or there are just a couple of goodies. Wouldn’t you be better off just choosing two singles of better quality in the shades you will actually wear, as opposed to many dodgy ones. I was burnt by a massive E.L.F palette a few years ago. It had all the colours of the rainbow, but the pigment is so lousy that the whole palette has been gathering dust. Here it is, with a few swatches-
See how much promise it holds- so many beautiful colours, but the pigment is really blah! None of that with the Freedom Palette. Freedom do a few Pro 12 palettes- in Neon, Smoky, Mattes there’s all sorts and they are only £4. £4! I chose the Dreamcatcher palette for its beautiful metallic shades. There are 12 shadows to the palette as the name suggests-

 freedom-pro12-dreamcatcher-eyeshadow-palette-review-swatchesThe Top Row– We have a champagne, a gold, a bronze and a rose gold. All four are shimmery and metallic, great for highlighting the lid or inner eye.

freedom-pro12-dreamcatcher-eyeshadow-palette-review-swatchesThe Middle Row- A deep purple  with a slight shimmer, a bright metallic pink, azure blue and a dark metallic teal.

freedom-pro12-dreamcatcher-eyeshadow-palette-review-swatchesBottom Row– We’ve got a metallic lilac, metallic dark bronze, a metallic brown and an extremely soft, well pigmented sooty black.

All the colours have good pigment, they’re all soft. It’s fab! There are some neutral Browns and Golds in there for the day and really lovely bright colours for a bit more glamour and interest. The black though is amazing, definitely on a par with Urban Decay’s Blackout from their Naked 2 palette.

The packaging is cheapo black plastic. I’ve no problem with that. It’s functional enough that the eyeshadow isn’t put at risk, it’s just not pretty. I can deal with that. You get one of those little foam applicators with it that are no use to man nor beast. I saw my mum using one the other day, I felt compelled to wrestle it out of her hand.

At the end of the day there was only very slight creasing. I couldn’t have been more surprised and pleased. I really wasn’t expecting these shadows to last well, but fair play, it fared as well as the more expensive eyeshadows I own. I did use an eyeshadow primer, but I always have to, no matter what eyeshadow I’m wearing.

Freedom Pro12 Start and End of Day

I’m totally sold on Freedom Dreamcatcher. The colours are bang on- pretty and bold. At such a small price it’s hard to say no.
Overview of Freedom’s Pro 12 Dreamcatcher 


  • The price- only £4
  • The shade selection- wearable and varied. Lovely purple,  blue, pink and green as well as neutral colours.
  • The quality- pigmented and lasting.


  • The packaging isn’t spesh, but if that’s the reason the palette is only £4 then I’m fine with that.

In short, get down to Superdrug and check it out! 10/10

Freedom does some quality makeup. Check out my review of their Pro Melts.


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