CB-12 Mouthwash and Boost Chewing Gum- a Dentist’s Review 

cb12-mouthwash-boost-gum-dentist-review-product-imageI haven’t posted very much about dental products at all even though it’s something I know a lot about (being a dentist by trade). But, I’m veering off the beaten track slightly to give my opinion on CB12 mouthwash and CB12 Boost chewing gum. I was sent these products by the manufacturer but this in no way influences my views.
Here is the official word on the CB12 mouthwash-

With its powerful, unique and patented formula CB12 ensures not only first class breath, but also provides a daily shot of confidence. Every day and all day through its long-lasting effect CB12 provides 12 hours of protection. Several studies have been performed that prove the impressive efficacy of CB12 compared to other products.

RRP- £14.59 for 250ml

And the CB12 Boost chewing gum-

CB12 boost immediately refreshes your breath. It has a unique formula that instantly prevents any bad breath odours. CB12 boost contains zinc, fluoride and xylitol, so it’s triple action too – elevating acid neutralisation, inhibiting plaque growth and strengthening your teeth against cavities while it gives you safe breath confidence.

RRP- £4.99

Ok, now before I say anything about the product I need you to read this bit properly and remember it well!- if you have bad breath, go and see a dentist! There may well be something wrong that mouthwash will not fix. Mouthwash will not clean your teeth. You can’t replace good oral hygiene with a rinse. Floss daily and spend two minutes brushing your teeth morning and night. Please! For the love of God remember to do that, whether you have bad breath or not.

I often get patients asking me about mouthwash and I don’t generally recommend them, because I don’t want patients to think they can get away with a quick swill out and all will be well. 

cb12-mouthwash-boost-gum-dentist-review-product-imageCB12- My Thoughts-

CB12 is marketed as a solution to bad breath (aka halitosis). It’s active ingredients are 0.025% Chlorhexidine Diacetate and 0.3% Zinc Acetate. It also contains 0.05% Sodium Fluoride, this is a great addition to a mouthwash. Fluoride is a wonder ingredient which prevent and can reverse tooth decay. It also contains alcohol.

The packaging is clinical looking. It’s not glaringly obvious what the product is (my husband thought it was some sort of high tech shampoo, probably because you can’t see the product inside). You measure out 10mls using the lid and rinse for about a minute. The mouthwash has a strong mint flavour and sure enough leaves my mouth very fresh. I cannot say whether my breath was more fresh after using CB12, I don’t have bad breath to begin with (I hope not anyway, I asked my husband and he says my breath is fine, he better not be lying to me). It certainly seemed fresh to me after using CB12, more fresh than normal? I can’t be sure.

The Boost chewing gum is sugar free and contains the active ingredients Zinc, Xylitol and fluoride. The Zinc is for odour neutralisation, the Xylitol is an antibacterial sweetener and Fluoride prevents decay. Boost has a pleasant cool mint flavour which lasts for about half an hour. I have no problem recommending Boost, The active ingredients are known to be effective. And chewing gum helps stimulate saliva. Saliva neutralises acid (acid is bad for teeth).


The Science-

The CB12 mouthwash contains Chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine kills nasty bacteria- great! But, it can cause problems if it’s in high concentrations. It stains teeth an unappealing brown and can irritate the mouth skin. The active ingredients of the mouthwash are in low concentration, 0.025% Chlorhexidine shouldn’t cause staining or soreness. 

CB12 is backed by clinical research. If you like reading clinical trials, check out this Study. There are several more on the CB12 Website. These clinical trials have shown that the ingredients of CB12 are effective at neutralising mouth odour for up to 12 hours. More effective than other popular brands of mouthwash. 

The manufacturers of CB12 don’t claim this mouthwash cures gum disease or dental decay, they only boast its effect on bad breath. And they have clinical research to back up their claim. 

CB12 mouthwash and chewing gum are both expensive. This, I’m sure is because they’ve carried out research. And they hold a patent on the ingredients, so you won’t find them in other mouthwashes.

CB12 Overview 

I would recommend CB12 for certain people (see below), the active ingredients are backed by evidence and both mouthwash and chewing gum contain Fluoride and that gets my thumbs up.

Who is it for?- People who are self conscious about their breath, onion lovers, people who have to be at close quarters with others and want to be sure they are fresh (maybe your dentist could use some!)


  • Contains effective anti-halitosis ingredients backed by clinical data. 
  • Also contains Fluoride so good for preventing tooth decay
  • It’s bad breath neutralising effects last all day


  • CB12 is expensive 
  • Will not replace good oral hygiene, if you’re using this product you will still need to see your dentist, have regular scale and polishes and clean your teeth properly. 

I hope you enjoyed my review of CB12 mouthwash and Boost gum, or at least found it informative. If you have, let me know. 



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