How to Apply Your Makeup if You’re Blind 

A Q&A with Visually Impaired Blogger Sassy of ThinkingOutLoud about how she overcomes difficulties when it comes to doing her makeup.I have the privilege of being blogging friends with this lovely lady, her name is Sassy and she writes a blog called Thinking Out Loud. Check out her site Here. It’s a good read for anyone, whether you’re involved with people who are visually impaired or not. She’s funny and interesting.

how to do your makeup if you're blind by thinking out loud author pic
1. Tell us a bit about your blog?

It’s a lifestyle blog focused on disability, I try to challenge stereotypes and educate others, whilst hopefully bringing a humorous twist 😉

2. What do you love about blogging?

It’s definitely got to be the community, I’ve never met such a friendly and supportive bunch. The friendships I’ve developed through blogging are pretty amazing, I’m so glad I started wittering away in my little corner of the internet 😊

3. When did you lose your sight Sassy ? It must have been such a tough time for you, if you don’t mind please tell us a bit about that time in your life.

I have a deteriorative eye condition called Uveitis Iritis, I started having vision problems when I was 14 but it got increasingly worse in 2013. In the September of that year, it was becoming such a problem that I didn’t feel safe leaving my front door unaccompanied, I sought medical intervention (not for the first time I may add).

I underwent surgery that could have had 1 of 3 outcomes: my sight would stay the same, my sight would improve or it would deteriorate further. It was a risk I was willing to take.

Unfortunately because of the scar tissue on my eye from several years of operations and treatments, they couldn’t save my remaining vision, and it deteriorated.

4. Did you have to relearn how to do your makeup?

Luckily no, I’ll be honest I wasn’t particularly bothered about wearing make up as much when my sight started to get bad, I could no longer see my reflection in a mirror so it put me off for a while.
However after the operation I decided to start wearing it again, and in a lot of ways I realised I had been putting on make up blind for years, it was only the finishing look that I checked the mirror for.

Although saying that; I don’t want you to get excited; i’m no make up artist 😉 I only wear a full face on a night out.

5. Do you have to trust your husband to give you makeup advice?

Haha yes, poor Gary has had to learn a lot about make up since being with me! I always ask him what colour lipstick would go with certain outfits! 

6. Who do you turn to when you need a face check?

Gary, since living together I’ve always asked him to make sure my eyeliner is level on both sides and I don’t have mascara blobs on the side of my nose!

7. Which products do you love?

I’ve recently had a big make up clear out, and decided to try a lot of new products and brands.

I’ve done it all on a low budget, incase they didn’t match my skin tone… or made me look like a clown!

A big love of mine right now is my Bourjois Healthy Mix foundation, because it’s so creamy, moisturising and smells lovely!

8. Are there tools that you couldn’t be without?

Eye lash curlers, due to my eye condition my eyes are quite closed a lot of the time so wearing mascara and curling my lashes opens them up!

Sometimes I treat myself to eyelash extensions which does the same effect, and I feel instantly pretty 😊 

9. Do you like to experiment with makeup?

Yes and no. As I am totally blind I don’t go all out and buy expensive brands, but I do like to have a try out with different techniques and styles when i’ve got free time. (Make up wipes at the ready!)

10. What is your experience of shopping for makeup since you lost your sight?

I will admit it’s not as fun as it used to be, but when I had a make up clear out Gary and I went into town and he gave me his undivided attention, helping me pick out products I’ve read about, and tell me honestly if he thought they would suit me.

11. What are your tips for other blind or partially sighted ladies who are trying to figure out their makeup game?

Youtube is a great place for tutorials on applying make up, blogs are great for make up recommendations and essentially just enjoy having a play about.

If you have a friend or family member who is willing to help you with techniques then definitely go with that; it’s always more fun when you are trying new things with people.

Don’t be afraid to book appointments at make up counters to discuss products and even get them to give you a make over, however always take someone you trust. Make up artists don’t always get it right!

I am fortunate that my Mum taught me in my teenage years how to apply make up properly, and what colours suited my skin tone.

Thanks so much Sassy for answering my questions. I’ll say it again, have a look at her excellent blog ThinkingOutLoud.


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  1. Brilliant post and collaboration you guys! So interesting to read and really makes you stop and think about all the things we take for granted when we have sight.x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks! Life is Knutts. Sassy is such a star x

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Such an interesting post and I think you are right! We are applying make up without any thought like robots almost, so I can see what you mean 🙂 x

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Thanks for the comment xx

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Double the Monkey Business says:

    Brilliant collaboration guys, such an interesting post 🙂 xxx

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Leah Miller says:

    I love this, great post guys!! this was a really interesting insight, and I guess I hadn’t given much thought to the process before. Nia and Sassy, you are both Epic!! Xx


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