Lancôme Grandiose Liquid Eyeliner 

My Review of Lancôme Grandiose Bendable Liquid Eyeliner. It’s a game of two halves.

Lancôme grandiose bendable liquid eyeliner Review

STOP FAILING! Grandiose  intuitive liquid eyeliner, gives access to the closest base of the lashes from inner corner to outer wing. START BENDING! Lancôme’s innovative pivot eyeliner and bendable wand, gives effortless access to both eyes. It also helps adapt to your unique eye shape. Master an incredible precise eyeline with the ultra thin tip from the most simple look to the wildest. Discover the three longwear & smudge resistant matte shades Noir, Brun & Saphir, which last all day long.

RRP- £23

I recently had a makeup lesson at Lancôme Cardiff with the lovely Laura Pye. My baby nearly stole the show by throwing rice cakes at everyone. But not quite, among other things I was really impressed with the really precise eye line Laura did with this funky looking liquid eyeliner.

Grandiose eyeliner in similar to Lancôme’s bestselling Grandiose Mascara in that the brush has an angle. By being able to tilt the brush head it makes it easier to get round the angle of the inner eye and make a fine neat line. The brush is so cool, I’ve never seen anything like it. Being a bit cack handed with liquid liner I was keen to try it out myself. I initially got Grandiose in shade Brun, a deep warm brown (They also do a dark blue, nice!) After my first go on it I ran into problems.

I literally couldn’t make a line with it. I was outraged! The product was drying on the brush faster than I could draw. I’m pretty sure I wasn’t doing anything daft, I kept returning the brush to the bottle and shaking it about to no avail. Useless!

I returned the product to the Lancôme counter. I don’t know about you but when I’m complaining I get myself a bit worked up. I had prepared myself a speech about the eyeliner and everything. There was no need, the nice lady swapped it with no argument. I got the black (also known as Noir Mirifique) this time to see if it was any better. The Lancôme counter lady didn’t disagree with my complaint either and she advised shaking the bottle well in between applications.

How Lancôme Grandiose Eyeliner  performed 

Thankfully I found the black shade of Grandiose eyeliner a lot easier to use. I don’t know if the first one I got was just a dodgy bottle or if the brown is drier in general, I’m not about to buy another one to check.

lancome grandiose bendable liquid eyeliner
See how thin the nib is. That nib foiiine!
The packaging is lovely, the handle is black apart from the end which is translucent and has a black flower within it. Flowers are pretty! Grandiose’s winning  feature is a ball in socket that you can click to change the angle from straight to bent. Here’s a link to a Video of it. The angle of the brush does help to get round that awkward corner of the inner eye.
The brush is great, fine enough that even I can get the thinnest line imaginable. I find I have to dip the brush once or twice and shake the bottle to do a whole eye. The line dries quickly to an intense matte black. I think the angle of the brush help a lot with accuracy, it’s easy to use and cool to look at.
It stays on really well too, Grandiose succeeded in that department where other liquid eyeliners have failed and remained neatly on my eyelid after a long hot day.

If it wasn’t for having that issue with the first Grandiose I bought, I would be happy to recommend it. The other reviews I found online reported a similar problem. This puts me off, £23 is a lot to spend on an eyeliner that may just dry up on you.

Overview of Lancôme Grandiose Eyeliner 


  • Interesting brush design for easy lining
  • Blackest of black line with a lovely matte finish
  • Good staying power


  • Expensive at £23
  • You run the risk of paying your money for an eyeliner that dries out before you can use it

It’s a tricky one, I’ve been happy with the second eyeliner I got. I’ve been using it regularly for the last 3 weeks and it’s fine. But Lancôme Grandiose Eyeliner seems to be suffering with drying out issues, it appears that I’m not the only one who thinks so.

Available Here


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  1. Double the Monkey Business says:

    I really want to try it out, not sure if the price puts me off though… xx

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    1. Yeah it’s pretty pricey! X


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