“Ooh That’s Nice” Hairbrush by Kent

Review of Ooh That’s Nice Hairbrush by Kent. The best brush for children with knotty curly hair.

Ooh that's nice hairbrush by Kent best brush for children's knotty hair

I’m not one for reviewing hairbrushes. I don’t use them much. My hair is wavy so if I brush it when it’s dry it grows to the size of a hot air balloon. So I generally leave my hair alone these days. It took me a couple of decades to figure this out and I spent a lot of my youth looking ridiculous. I do brush my little girl’s hair though.

My daughter takes after her mum unfortunately and has my somewhat difficult to manage curls. I’ve got to brush my daughter’s hair even though I don’t often do mine- I can’t send her off to her place of education with dreadlocks. Children don’t like having their knots brushed out though do they? It’s taken a bit of trial and error to find the ultimate no stress child brushing technique. I used to brush the conditioner through her hair in the bath. This didn’t go down so well, maybe because she’s tired and impatient in the evening. So now I do it in the morning. I use conditioner spray (I got one from Aldi that smells like bubblegum), put My Little Pony on the iPad for her and use the “Ooh That’s Nice” hairbrush.
I mean, how could I not get this brush with a name like that. Ooh That’s Nice is quite functional looking in black plastic but it’s the most gentle child friendly brush I’ve used. Safe to say it would work for adult hair too.

Before I got Ooh That’s Nice I was using a Tangleteezer. Tangleteezers are good and they come in jazzy colours which always appeals to (big and) little girls. But Ooh That’s Nice is better. This is why-Ooh that's nice hairbrush by Kent best brush for children's knotty hair
The brush part of Ooh That’s Nice is really flexible so it doesn’t put much pressure on the hair at all. It has metal bristles for getting through the tangles, it also has natural bristles for smoothing the hair. So, where the Tangleteezer left my daughters hair a bit frizzy, Ooh That’s Nice smoothes it right down. Not only is it super gentle, it also makes hair look really shiny. No frizz, no knots, no tears!

It’s great. And of course I get immense pleasure from saying “Shall we “Ooh That’s Nice” your hair today?”

The “Ooh That’s Nice” hairbrush by Kent is available from Boots.com and costs £12.50



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  1. The Pink Adour says:

    Always wanted curls! But I can understand not wanting them either!! Just wanted to let you know that I have nominated you for one lovely blog award!

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    1. Thanks so much Pink Adour. You’re a star x

      Liked by 1 person

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