MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara

My Review of MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara

mac-In-Extreme-Dimension-Lash-mascara-review-wandI’m really into mascara at the moment. I’ve been monogamous with Bourjois Clubbing Mascara for some time now. I feel the urge to play the field a bit. 

I bought In Extreme Dimension ages ago. It was pretty expensive at £19. The Mac shop assistant assured me that my life would be forever altered by this mascara. On trying it at home I found it really gloopy and extremely difficult to remove. It was messy “In Extreme”! I hurled it furiously into the corner of the room where it remained for a long time.

I think that box fresh mascaras can be gloopy and cloggy. This one is particularly bad because there is just a big hole at the top of the bottle with nothing to squeeze the excess off. There is so much product on the brush that lashes are glued together, that may be why I failed with it after I first bought it.

I have given In Extreme Dimension another shot. I think I was so disappointed that I may have reacted rashly. I have somewhat revised my opinion.

The packaging is pretty good. The handle of the wand has a “waist” so it’s easy to hold and control. The brush is great, it’s chunky, made of silicone, with many tiny flexible barbs for grabbing the lashes. 

mac-In-Extreme-Dimension-Lash-mascara-review-wandMy lashes are lengthened and defined. The brush is great for separation. I hate it when my lashes are glued together, it winds me up for some reason. I’m so glad I revisited In Extreme Dimension, it separates my lashes beautifully. mac-In-Extreme-Dimension-Lash-mascara-review-before

mac-In-Extreme-Dimension-Lash-mascara-review-afterIt lasts the day well with very minimal flaking. Removing it is an interesting procedure. In Extreme Dimension is water soluble, so that when you wash your face it dissolves. After rubbing with water for a few seconds I resemble Alice Cooper. It does come off, but it makes a crazy mess. So much black eye bogey in the morning!

MAC In Extreme Dimension Mascara In Summary 


  • Beautiful lash separation
  • Great lash volume and length
  • Blacker than black in colour 
  • Stays on really well


  • Gloopy when first used
  • Very messy to remove 
  • Expensiiive! £19 is a lot when you can get really decent mascaras for under a tenner.

Would I repurchase this mascara again? No probably not. Will I be using the brush in a different mascara after it runs out? Yes, the brush is cool. Do I like asking myself questions? Yes, it’s amusing!

Available from MAC


    6 Comments Add yours

    1. I can see why you wouldn’t want to buy it again, because now you can just use the wand.

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      1. Yeah that’s what I thought. £19 is too much! X


        1. A lot maybelline I think do good ones x


    2. I’ve never spent that much on a mascara. I’ve been bought a benefit one before but I found that quite gloopy. I plump for waterproof ones usually 0 I cry a lot these days, at adverts, babies in the shops, that sort of thing 😉 Fab review as always.xx


    3. i’m always looking for the next best mascara, and I’ve found that i like some drug store ones just as much as my too faced better than sex mascara… if it works, hey, i’d pay the 19 dollars, but if it’s just meh, probably not!

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      1. Yeah this wasn’t wow enough to warrant the spend. Cool wand though x


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