Katie Price Beauty|Brow Enhancer|£8 Wunderbrow Dupe?

Review of Katie Price Brow Enhancer from her new makeup range for TamBeauty with photos and swatch

Katie Price has done a beauty range for Tam beauty (the British company that does Freedom and Makeup Revolution). It’s not surprising that she has ventured into makeup. I think she wears a bit of it. 

Katie Price Brow Enhancer. Katie Price made up face
Katie Price looking fierce

This brow enhancer is a long lasting, one step application gel that easily fills, defines, and shapes brows within 2 minutes, resulting in perfectly shaped, natural looking eyebrows that lasts for days. Targeting eyebrow shape and hair loss, this smudge and waterproof solution will not transfer onto clothes and lasts until you decide to take it off.


Comes in Blonde, Auburn, Brown, Brown/Black 

I quite fancied giving this a go. Katie’s Brow Enhancer looks really similar to Wunderbrow 2 (which costs £20), the same tube, brush applicator, spoolie and same claims that it will last for days. I haven’t taken the plunge and bought Wunderbrow yet, its way pricey. I have had a good look at it in Boots and the swatch was impervious to removal but had a sheen to it that I wasn’t too keen on. (While I was writing this sentence I just thought “sod it” and I’ve ordered some Wunderbrow).  

Katie Price Brow Enhancer My Impressions

So, the Katie Price Brow Enhancer comes in a clear tube with a small flexible brush in the lid (a bit like a mascara). There is also a handy spoolie in the box. The packaging is fine. You would expect some pink, what with it coming from Katie Price, there’s just some pink swirls with the lettering. And a coat of arms, because she’s a princess.

Katie Price Brow Enhancer. Packaging and brushes
Katie Price Brow Enhancer.

My brows are thick and black but I have a charming bald spot in my left one, so I do have to fill them in to make them neat. (Check out my Extensive Brow Post, for graphic images). I’ve used a few brow products- various brow powders, Kabrow by Benefit and Freedom Brow Pomade, and not found the longevity to be quite up to scratch. I have really oily skin, so that could be why. Normal people don’t have this problem I’m sure. I’m after something that stays on basically.

Katie Price Brow Enhancer in brown/black is a dark liquid, like a thick gel. Here’s the swatch- 

Katie Price Brow Enhancer Brown/Black Swatch
Katie Price Brow Enhancer Brown/Black Swatch

The gel is pretty dark, but you can blend it out to make it look less bold. It takes a few minutes for Brow Enhancer to dry, so you have plenty of blending time

The Brown/Black shade is great, no hint of red or green in it. Totally appropriate for ladies with black or very dark brown hair. 

How I use Katie Price Brow Enhancer

This product is pretty similar to Wunderbrow and I’ve read a few reviews complaining about how tricky it is to apply. I think the key is to dispense with the brush that comes with it and use your own thin slanted brush. I just paint a little blob into the middle of my brows and blend inwards and outwards. If you were to just use the brush that comes with it, you would end up with very blocky eyebrows. 

Then you brush the gel through the brows with the spoolie provided to set the brow hairs in place. Here’s how it looks on-

Katie Price Brow Enhancer Brown/Black worn
Katie Price Brow Enhancer Brown/Black

I find it fills my sparse areas marvellously and gives a neat appearance. Do you know, I really like Katie Price brows, it gives a strong look. My 4 year old did ask me why my eyebrows are “like that”, maybe I need to tone it down a notch. But I don’t want to.

It lasts well. The 4 day wear promise is a bit much I think. They come off when you wash your face, for sure. There’s no way I’m not washing for 4 days to see what happens. There’d be hell to pay. Katie Price Brow Enhancer definitely lasts all day and that’s long enough for me. Especially when it’s used thickly. If you’re sparing with Brow Enhancer, it’s less likely to go the distance. Here’s an end of day pic with a medium coating of Brow Enhancer-

Katie Price Brow Enhancer. End of day pic. Close up of Brow- still looks neat
Katie Price Brow Enhancer. End of day pic.

In the process of writing this Amazon has delivered my Wunderbrow, so I’ll be back soon with a definite Katie Price vs Wunderbrow verdict. Go Katie!

Katie Price Brow Enhancer gives for a pretty full on brow look, but it can totally be brought down a notch by blending more. It lasts the day and I think it’s a little gem for £8

Here’s the link to The Wunderbrow Review. Which is better? Click to find out

Available from TamBeauty



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